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Zach And Katie Made A Shocking Revelation On The Reunion Ep Of “Married At First Sight”

In the reunion episode of Lifetime’s Married At First Sight Season 10, aired last April 2020, Zach Justice and Katie Conrad revealed that they went together for drinks after filming wrapped. 

Everyone was visibly shocked by their confession, especially Katie’s husband, Derek Sherman, who anyone could tell didn’t have the slightest idea. On the other hand, Justice’s estranged wife, Mindy Shiben, was obviously upset upon hearing it. The two decided to split on Decision Day. 

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Answering host Kevin Frazier’s question, Katie shared she got drinks with her costar a couple of weeks before Christmas to talk about their experience on the show. During that segment, Zach looked uncomfortable and added that they had only so many interactions on camera and that there was just a lot to catch up on. 

Fan reactions were all the same; some were even frustrated with the whole thing. 

That is because, for the whole duration of the show, Zach had been avoiding commitment. He refused to get physical with Mindy except for one or two kisses. 

Then, after spending their honeymoon in Panama, he didn’t move in together with her. So, she had to live in their marital home alone. She also got heartbroken by the fact that one of Mindy’s best friends kindled a connection with him. 

They ultimately decided that they were better off without each other. 

The first time they met again was on the reunion episode. They nervously sat beside each other when Frazier asked what it was like to be back together on the show. Zach said that he wished he had done it sooner. To which the host replied, “You married a woman and then abandoned her.”

Mindy then chimed in, saying she wondered if he was just in it for the airtime. So, the revelation that he and costar Katie went out for “casual” drinks was an upset. 

As for Katie and Derek, the two were initially fan favorites. However, as the season progressed, they battled many trust and intimacy issues. Come Decision Day, they decided they wanted to commit to each other and make their marriage work. 

That didn’t last long, though. It was revealed that Derek discovered that Katie had cheated on her just a week before they filmed the reunion episode. It turns out that Katie confessed, and the worst part was that she allegedly did it with his ex (the one Sherman was worried about) the day after their honeymoon. He added that he heard about it from five people, so he was certain she had an affair while they were still filming the show. 

Katie denied his accusation that she slept with her ex shortly after their honeymoon. However, she admitted that she cheated on him later in their marriage. It was why everybody thought that her and Zach’s date was not the casual catch-up that they were trying to frame it to be.  

She tried to justify her cheating, saying that she and Derek weren’t having any physical connection at all. “I felt the more I got to know [Derek], the more I was moving away from growing in love with him.” 

The ex-couple found new tenants to take over their year-long lease and parted ways. After their split, Katie found someone new, a man named Brandon Eaves, and she remarried. 

It was definitely a rollercoaster episode of Married At First Sight, especially for Zach and Katie. 

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