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Model Anna Nicole Smith Has Now Been “Phase Out” From Playboy!

In 2005, the publisher of the ever-iconic magazine Playboy suddenly decided to remove one of their top models, Anna Nicole Smith, from the magazine. That is why let us now find out the reasons behind this decision and its impact on Anna Nicole Smith’s career. Scroll down as we got everything covered for you!

Who Is Anna Nicole Smith?

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Born in 1967, Anna Nicole Smith is one of the most-known celebrities of the 1990s. The star grew up in a small town in Houston, Texas, where she finished her secondary education. Little is known of Smith’s early childhood, but most are aware that a single mother raised her.

Anna Nicole Smith’s Career

Before becoming an actress and TV personality, the star started her career as a model for the popular magazine Playboy. But long before that, Smith worked as a food server and stripper to make ends meet for her son, Daniel Wayne Smith, whom she shared with her ex-husband, Billy Wayne Smith. 

Anna Nicole Smith’s Time in Playboy

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Most Playboy readers in the 1990s knew that Anna Nicole Smith was one of the most iconic and known stars ever to make the cover. A year after she started her career in Playboy, Smith effortlessly won the 1993 “Playmate of the Year,” proving that she is indeed someone Playboy cover-worthy.

Although some people might have a negative stigma towards the published magazine, Smith can’t deny the fact that the magazine drastically helped her pave her way to the top of her career as an actress, model, and TV personality. 

Why Did Hugh Hefner Decide to “Phase Out” Smith from The Magazine?

Years have already passed since Smith debuted in the known magazine, and it seems like her time in it has also finally ended. 

In an exclusive interview with Jennifer Saginor and Jackie Hatten, some of the Playboy party regulars, they were shocked when they realized that even someone as famous as Smith could be labeled as “Disposable” in the eyes of Hugh Hefner. 

According to what they heard at the party, it seems like Hefner’s decision to “Phase out” Smith from Playboy was brought about by Smith’s old age. At this point, Saginor and Hatten suddenly realized that even for someone like Smith, known to be one of the most iconic models ever to pose for the magazine, when Hefner deems them “done,” they easily become disposable. 

The Impact It Had On Smith’s Career

Fortunately, since Smith had already built a name and career apart from her work as a Playboy model, she didn’t suffer that much after the phasing out. A few years later, fans were shocked when they heard that Smith passed away due to a drug overdose. 

With that said, with Anna Nicole Smith’s phase out from Playboy, it is safe to say that society does indeed have a threshold for women. No matter how famous and beautiful you are, you will no longer be part of the market once you finally reach your age limit. 

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