Love Island Season 3 Winners Olivia and Korey Called It Quits

Love Island Season 3 Winners Olivia and Korey Called It Quits
Love Island Season 3 Winners Olivia and Korey Called It Quits

Meet Olivia and Korey from Love Island season 3, who found love on a reality TV show and brought home $100,000. 

Korey Gandy, a car rental agent from Virginia, and Olivia Kaiser, a licensed cosmetologist and independent business owner from Alaska, decided to couple with one another. They were both in the original cast and met on day one. 

However, it wasn’t until week five – after Casa Amor – that the two finally realized they had feelings for each other. Then, on Day 32, they re-coupled with each other and stayed strong together until the finale. 

Are Korey and Olivia still together?

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After the third season concluded, many fans of the show weren’t exactly thrilled. One tweeted, “Olivia and korey won? Huh? What a dead show.” Another fan even said they hate this season, and many called them “scammers.”

Some predicted that they would be breaking up immediately post-Love Island, even going as far as saying that Olivia is only in it for the money. 

The predictions ended up becoming correct. While it wasn’t as immediate as everyone thought, they still did break up just a few months after the show. 

Korey addressed their relationship status on Instagram, which he said he gets questioned about “at least 20 times a day.” In his lengthy caption, Korey confirmed that he and Olivia are no longer together. 

He didn’t dive into the whys of their breakup and explained that it was a mutual decision to take a step back and just be friends. He also added that the real world was very different from the fantasy-like villa on Love Island, and there were challenges that they just couldn’t overcome. 

He had nothing but praise for Olivia and expressed that his time with her taught him a lot about himself. Korey also thanked the fans for all of their support during and after the show and hoped they could still show the same support to them as individuals. 

The Tea: Olivia Speaks Up

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The breakup confirmation has sent Love Island fans into a spiral of tweets, but many were not surprised at all. 

A few days after Korey’s announcement, Olivia did an Instagram Q&A session with fans. There was one question during the interview asking her if she was happy with how the public learned of her breakup. The Love Island winner said that Korey’s words were super sweet, but she just wished she was aware it was happening. 

Then a few weeks later, she appeared on the “Whoa! It’s Ryan” podcast, where she told more about her story behind their breakup. 

According to Olivia, they entered into a relationship after Love Island, but they never really had an official ‘determining-the-relationship’ conversation. She also confirmed the rumors floating around that Korey hooked up with castmate Florita Diaz in Miami. 

It happened around Thanksgiving 2021 before the cast all reunited in Atlantic City. She first knew about it through Trina Njoroge and Charlie Lynch, and then Korey admitted it to her via video chat. But she clarified that they were on a break at the time, and she has forgiven him. 

Will They be Rekindling Any Kind of Romance?

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As Dr. Karen McNally from the London Metropolitan University explains, reality dating TV shows tick everything we want: reality TV, soap opera (we all love a good dose of drama, don’t we?), and game show all rolled into one. 

That’s why viewers – us included – can get heavily invested. In fact, there’s also a sense of sadness when couples formed from these shows break up. 

Sadly, Korey and Olivia’s Love Island journey has truly gotten to a stop. We doubt there will be any rekindling of romance anytime soon. But who knows, maybe they’ll give what they had another shot in the future – just like their fellow Love Island couples Will and Kyra, who reconciled after a 7-month split and now enjoying adventures together (@kywiadventures), and Shannon and Josh, who got back after a year!

Love Island can be a very fun watch, but expectations should be kept at a minimum to keep our hearts protected! We all know we can’t stay away from watching these shows over and over again. As for Olivia and Korey, we wish them all the best!

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