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Freak Accident Caused Injury to “The Challenge” Star, Olivia Kaiser

TV personality Olivia Kaiser of the hit reality competition show “The Challenge” got herself tangled up in a freaky accident. It ultimately caused a traumatizing injury that the star would never forget for the rest of her life. 

Olivia was first known for her appearance on Love Island, where she almost got to win the grand prize. However, after a series of unexpected turns in her time on the show, the TV star decides to leave for good.

When the time was right, she immediately took another shot at introducing herself to the public by joining yet another competition show, “The Challenge.” However, her seemingly peaceful and smooth journey turned bloody after she got herself into a freaky accident that no one had ever anticipated coming.

So, if you want to know more about it, scroll down as we have all the juicy stuff covered. 

When Did Olivia Kaiser First Appear On “The Challenge”?

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Olivia Kaiser was first seen by the fans during the show’s season 38 premiere. During the initial part of the show, Olivia was paired with her Ride or Die partner, Horacio Gutierrez. 

Although their initial time on the show was rocky, the two worked hand in hand. Before anyone saw it coming, both Olivia and Horacio made it to the finals. However, it seems like their supposedly happy journey to the top turned bloody when Olivia suddenly and unexpectedly got injured, resulting in her staying at the hospital for two nights. 

How Did Olivia Get Injured?

During the initial part of the 100-hour final, Olivia and Horacio were trying their best to win when Olivia unexpectedly injured the top of her fingers and was even hit in the face by the show’s slingshot later. 

As her fingers and nose started to bleed, her game partner, Horacio, and the whole team of the show decided to take her to the hospital since things were starting to get out of control. The moment that she arrived at the hospital, the TV personality tried to calm herself, as the thought that she might have “messed up” everything started to flood her mind. 

Thankfully, the injury she acquired wasn’t that grave, so she was able to recover in no time. However, she did express in one of her interviews that the experience she endured was indeed traumatizing. 

On top of that, she feels guilty because she and Horacio have worked hard to reach the finals, but everything went downhill because she got injured.  

Olivia also revealed that for the past few days after she was sent to the hospital, she felt self-hate because of what happened. She felt really bad for a while, and she wasn’t even sure how her face was going to heal, considering the scar on her forehead was really bad.

Thankfully, after a few weeks of resting, Olivia’s scars have finally healed, and nothing much has changed in her physical appearance. Still, the agonizing memories will indeed stick with her for a while. 

However, despite the unexpected traumatizing experience, Olivia has no plans to back down on any opportunities related to her returning to the show.

It seems like “The Challenge” star Olivia Kaiser’s game spirit doesn’t get broken that easily, especially since she has her fans’ undying support. So, if you want to keep updated on her life, you can follow her on Instagram @oliviaannkaiser. If you want to watch the show, it airs every Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on MTV

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