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Facts You Need to Know About Ralph Macchio’s Wife, Phyllis Fierro

A teenage love it is! Ralph Macchio is said to have first met his wife, Phyllis Fierro, when they were just 15 years old. Long before he was termed the original Karate kid, Ralph had been busy giving all his love and affection to his teenage love, Phyllis. 

A Rare Lasting Relationship in Hollywood

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As they went from being friends to sudden lovers, the two eventually decided to make things official as they tied the knot in a simple church wedding in 1987. 

Since then, Ralph has continued to make a name in the entertainment industry, and Phyllis has stayed by his side through all the challenges and turmoils he faced along the way. Many people admire the couple for their long-lasting love and commitment to one another because it is considered rare in Hollywood.

It is just heartwarming to hear of couples that have kept their spark through the decades, especially with big celebrities like Ralph. After all, no one can deny that in an industry like Hollywood, hearing news of couples suddenly splitting up is not uncommon any more. 

It is why fans of the Karate Kid star have now become curious about the secret behind Ralph and Phyllis’s long marriage, from how they met to how the couple keeps the romance flare burning after being married for decades. 

On top of that, fans are also curious to know more about Ralph’s wife, Phyllis Fierro, from her background to what she is doing now. 

So, if you are one of those people, scroll down as we have everything you need to know about Phyllis Fierro and her lasting relationship with Karate Kid star Ralph Macchio. 

Who Is Phyllis Fierro?

Since 1984, Ralph Macchio has become a household name in the entertainment industry right after “The Karate Kid” was dubbed as one of the most popular movies of all time. As a result of this success, Phyllis has kept himself busy through the years, starring in many hit shows like Cobra Kai and My Cousin Vinny. 

As his life kept changing through the years, there was only one thing that stayed the same, and that was his undying love and affection for his wife, Phyllis Fierro. The one who had stayed by his side long before he was even considered one of the most influential and known actors in the history of Hollywood. 

Phyllis Fierro was born on July 23, 1960. At such a young age, people already saw Phyllis as a talented and smart kid, so it was no surprise when she decided to pursue a career in health care. 

Little is known of Phyllis’s childhood, as she tries to keep her personal life away from the public as much as possible, even though she is literally the wife of one of the most known actors of all time. 

She Is a Hard Working Nurse

After graduating college, Phyllis immediately joined the healthcare workforce as a nurse practitioner. For years, she has kept giving her unconditional effort into helping those patients in need. 

Even during the pandemic, she never stopped working to make sure that those patients suffering were given the appropriate service they needed, even if her life was already on the line. That is why her children are greatly proud of having a mother like her, a compassionate and kind one. 

In a post that Julia shared on Instagram, she expressed how thankful she is to their mom, as she never failed to show them what true kindness, dedication, selflessness, and empathy are. For them, Phyllis is a hero, and they will forever be thankful to have such a loving and caring mother their whole life. 

How Did Phyllis Fierro and Ralph Macchio Meet?

Their first meeting was something out of a fairytale love story. The power couple first met when they were just 15 years old in the most unlikely place possibly imagined: a basement. 

Around 1970, Phyllis was invited by Ralph’s grandmother to one of Ralph’s cousins’ birthday party. During the party, the two immediately clicked, as their personality and interests were just like matches made in heaven. 

In an interview, Phyllis described that the first time she saw Ralph’s big, dark brown eyes, she immediately felt that natural bond between the two. It was as if fate went out of her way to ensure they met that day. 

As they grew up together, neighboring each other in Long Islands, it was not too long before Phyllis and Ralph made things official between them. While Phyllis pursued her career in nursing, Ralph went on to make a name for himself in Hollywood. 

Their never-ending support of one another through the years has eventually paid off, as they both excelled in their respective careers. 

When Did They Tie the Knot?

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As their relationship deepened in the coming years, the two eventually decided to make things official. They tied the knot in 1987, less than a year after Ralph’s film “The Karate Kid II” was released. 

Reports say Ralph popped the question during Valentine’s Day, making the whole experience more memorable and romantic for Phyllis. After a few months of preparation, they immediately held the ceremony in Los Angeles with their closest family and friends.

Phyllis wore a stunning vintage-looking gown, with her hair done in the most natural way. Her makeup also was light, which helped emphasize her natural beauty. Meanwhile, Ralph wore a formal black suit and a white bow to complement Phyllis’s princess-like gown.  

She Is a Mom of Two

It took years before the couple decided to have their first child. Five years after tying the knot, Ralph and Phyllis had their first child together, a daughter named Julia Macchio. It only took four years more before they welcomed their second child, this time, a son named Daniel. 

As their family grew, the couple made it a goal to ensure they gave their children the ample support and attention they needed growing up. Despite their busy schedule, the two tried to be present in their kids’ little and big milestones. 

Julia, who is also an aspiring actress, went on to join her dad during season four of the hit TV show “Cobra Kai,” where she played Vanessa. Since sharing a screen, the father and daughter duo can’t hide their happiness during filming. 

Meanwhile, their son, Daniel, is also trying to make a career in the sports industry. As of 2023, he is working as a Business Intelligence and Analytics Manager for the known brand New York Islanders. 

Her Secret to Keeping Their Flare for Years

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There is no doubt that many couples don’t survive what’s called a “test of time.” In most cases, couples who have been together for ten years and above tend to split up due to issues that arise amid their marriage. 

However, in Ralph and Phyllis’s case, no issues could break the vows they took decades ago. Despite their busy schedule, they try to keep the flare going by spending time with each other through watching shows, traveling, eating dinner together, or simply having a heart-to-heart talk after a long day. 

This commitment to stay connected has given the two the strength and support they needed to keep the relationship going despite all the challenges they go through day and night. With that being said, Ralph Macchio and his wife, Phyllis Fierro’s relationship is indeed an enduring and inspirational one that would truly touch the hearts of many. 

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