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“Sex/Life” On Screen Partners Sarah Shahi and Adam Demos Are Dating IRL!

It’s a happy ending for Sarah Shahi and Adam Demos! After initially meeting on the hit Netflix TV show “Sex/Life,” the then-on-screen partners have become a real-life couple that everybody undeniably adores. 

Who Is Sarah Shahi and Adam Demos?

Sarah Shahi, whose real name is Aahoo Jahansouzshahi, is an American actress who has starred in various shows like Black Adam, Person of Interest, and Fairly Legal. Among the most notable ones is her role as Billie Connelly in the hit show “Sex/Life,” where the audience was able to witness her go through her severe midlife crisis after yearning for her fast-paced life with her ex-boyfriend named Brad. 

On the other hand, Adam Demos is an Australian actor who has worked in various shows and films as well. Some of his most known acts were his roles in hit movies and shows like Unreal, Falling Inn Love, Cooped Up, and, of course, Sex/Life. 

In the show, Adam plays Sarah’s ex-boyfriend Brad, who is now returning to her life, trying to win her heart once again despite knowing that Billie, Sarah’s character on the show, is already a married woman. 

What Is Sex/Life All About?

Sex/Life is a hit Netflix show created by Stacy Rukeyser, a known American TV producer and writer. The show first aired in 2021, and it immediately received a great amount of support from the audience. As a result, it was then renewed for a second season, which was then released in 2023. 

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The show is simply about a suburban mother who is struggling to cope with her life as a married woman with two kids after her bad-boy ex-lover enters her life once again. It is a series packed with emotional roller coaster and thrill. This steamy drama is perfect for those looking to watch a show full of sexual tension and groan-inducing dialogues.  

Sarah Shahi’s Previous Relationship 

It was reported that during the filming of the show, Sarah’s relationship with her then-husband, Steve Howey, was already on the cliff. When her role on the show came, her almost 11-year marriage with Steve ultimately ended, just like what many were already anticipating. 

During an interview, Sarah made it clear that she is not necessarily thinking about finding love yet, which is why her sudden relationship with Adam surprised many of her fans. 

A few months after their divorce announcement, the mom of three expressed how her life had changed after their split up. She then expressed that her role on the show “Sex/Life” wasn’t just “another gig.” 

Instead, it was an opportunity that drastically changed the direction of her life. It has unleashed parts of her heart she had hidden for so long. It was able to help her find her truth and break up from her past self. 

When Did They First Meet? 

The two first met while they were filming the series together in 2020. Their roles as ex-lovers in the show have somehow caused the two to build an unexpected friendship bond that would eventually lead to them dating in the end. 

According to their co-stars, the two were undeniably close during the set, so everyone was already anticipating that something might be going on with the two. Let’s just say they weren’t wrong. 

Officially A Couple

Months after filing her divorce from her ex-husband, Sarah Shahi and Adam Demos’s relationship progressed into something more. As a result, before 2020 ends, the then friends, now turned lovers, proudly announce their ongoing relationship on Instagram after sharing their first official photo as a couple on Christmas Eve. 

A Loving Birthday Tribute

A few months after their announcement, Sarah went on to greet her new lover with the happiest birthday on Instagram. In the said post she shared online, she went on to call Adam her one and only “Soulmate.”  

She even added that she is not exactly sure how two people on opposite sides of the world could have more in common. Her being born in America while Adam is in Australia is just so astonishing, as if they were meant to meet and be together.

That is why when things between them started to develop, Sarah immediately realized that Adam was indeed her soulmate, the forever she longed for. 

Sarah then stated that she didn’t realize she had never loved deeper, harder, and more ferociously before. Now that she is already with Adam, she finally realizes many things she wasn’t before. That is why she is overly grateful for Adam coming into her life. 

She does know she has loved him for a thousand lifetimes before and will love him for a thousand lifetimes more. Sarah then ended the post by greeting her lover with a “Happy Birthday.”

Their Cute Red Carpet Debut

In December 2021, the new couple was spotted attending the red carpet of the 2021 People’s Choice Awards in Santa Monica, California. Adam wore a polka dots fitted suit, while Sarah, on the other hand, wore a metallic slit long dress, completely complementing the whole vibe of the award show. 

In the snaps taken during the event, it was apparent that the two are at their happiest, with each of them genuinely smiling in each pose. At this point, fans are hoping that the two finally find the peace and love they both deserve to have in a relationship. 

They Love Engaging Themselves in Various Activities

As a relatively new couple, Adam and Sarah try to build as many memories together as they can despite their hectic and busy schedules. Whenever they find the time, they always try to engage themselves in various outdoor activities like farming, trekking, or simply going on a weekend trip. 

During Sarah’s 41st birthday in 2021, the couple had a magical and adventurous trip to Georgia, where they visited many exciting and beautiful places in a few days. 

On the other hand, during the same year, the couple also visited the Big Apple, taking cute snaps at New York Times Square while looking at a billboard showing the success of their “Sex/Life” show. Moreover, in 2022, they went on a trip to England, where they were spotted having the time of their life, cycling around the city. 

Sarah and Adam Sparks Engagement Rumors

Although the couple seems to love updating their fans occasionally on Instagram, it is still known that the two liked to keep their romance out of the spotlight as much as possible. That is why, when they update their socials with some cute couple photos, fans can’t help but get excited to see what is new with the two. 

In April 2022, their fans jumped in excitement after engagement rumors of the two started circulating after some of the netizens noticed that Sarah was wearing a ring in one of their posts. However, it seems like the couple hasn’t confirmed or denied any of the rumors yet. 

They Love to Work Together Again! 

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After season 2 of “Sex/Life” ended, fans can’t wait to see more of Sarah and Adam together on a different show. That same month, in an interview, Adam went on to talk about his feelings towards her partner, stating the reason why he fell in love with her so much.

According to Adam, Sarah’s kindness set the standard for him. It was everything he could ask for a partner to have. Aside from being such a selfless and kind person, Adam swears to everyone that Sarah herself is exceptional, with knowledge of all aspects of life. That is why, for him, Sarah is like a “goddess,” both beautiful inside and out.

Meanwhile, Sarah also opened up about the fact that she also wanted to work with Adam again, even on a different project. Through all the years she has been in the industry, Adam is definitely at the top of her favorite scene partners list, as he is very easy to work with. 

Whether or not it’s a scene about loving one another or hating one another, all that Sarah has to do is look at him, and her work is done. That is why she finds herself so lucky in that aspect.

Although the real-life couple doesn’t have any joint project as of 2023, their fans hope they will still have opportunities to work together in the future, especially since Sarah Shahi and Adam Demos are so cute together on and off-screen. You can update yourself with their life as a couple by following them on their Instagram accounts @sarahshahi and @adam_demos.

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