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Elle King 101: Everything to Know about Rob Schneider’s Daughter!

Did you know that singer Elle King is the daughter of none other than Rob Schneider? Before Elle became famous in the music industry, she was first known as Rob’s baby girl.

Who is Elle King?

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Elle King is known to be a badass singer-songwriter of country music. Despite not always being in the limelight, Elle built a huge fandom that religiously follows her and her music. Many people and music lovers know her songs by heart, especially her hit singles “Ex & Oh’s” and “America’s Sweetheart.” 

Although the singer has only released a few albums, her songs are so good many people demand more. Elle’s music is still unique, so her fans can’t help but listen. As mentioned above, Elle also gained early popularity not just through her music but also because of her parents.

Elle was born on July 3, 1989, in Los Angeles, California, to former SNL cast member Rob Schneider and former model London King. Though it started to be a happy family, her parents divorced and remarried. She grew up in Ohio, and when she was nine, Justin Tesa, her stepfather, gave her a record of the band Donnas.

That was when Elle’s life pivoted, and she decided to become a musician. It was also the time during her childhood that she started listening to the Runaways and Blondie. You can say that this was Elle’s musical awakening, the very moment she knew music would be part of her life.

Elle King’s Acting Debut

That said, it was not just music for Elle because, as the daughter of a famous actor, there was no way she would go without an acting gig. In the movie Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, she made her acting debut with her father, Rob Schneider. Although Elle was able to act in other different projects after that, she still went back to her first love and honed her skills in music.

Elle King’s Musical Inspirations

At 13, she started playing guitar and immersed herself in the music of Otis Redding and Aretha Franklin. Elle’s attraction to the country and bluegrass of Hank Williams and Earl Scruggs influenced her to learn banjo. As her love for music deepened, Elle attended the Buck’s Rock camp during her teenage years and starred in different musicals.

That is not the only thing Elle achieved throughout her music career. Despite being a bit controversial, Elle started going to local nightclubs, using fake IDs to be permitted to enter. She started learning more about songwriters and immersed herself in performing on the streets and busking in different locations.

After her adventures, the newly appointed RCA Chairman, Peter Edge, signed her. On March 13, 2012, Elle released her single “Good To Be A Man,” and after just three months, the four-song “The Elle King Ep” was released on RCA. 

The said EP was recorded in New York City and was produced by Andy Baldwin and Chris DeStefano. Elle also helps create the tracks herself, proving her undeniable talent. If the successful release of her single was not enough, the main track, “Playing for Keeps,” was chosen as the theme song for VH1’s Mob Wives Chicago, which premiered last June 2012.

The Start of Elle’s Journey to Stardom

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After being named the “Artist to Watch in 2012” by Esquire, Rob Schneider’s daughter, Elle King, gained much attention from the media and fans. In 2014, Elle’s breakthrough album was released. 

The new single entitled “Ex’s & Oh’s” reached number 10 on Billboard Top 100, becoming Elle’s first song to enter the chart. The song also received two nominations at the 58th Grammy Awards for Best Rock Performance and Best Rock Song. 

After that, Rob Schneider’s daughter gained more recognition and even got featured on the Ghostbusters soundtrack. Later, in 2016, Elle partnered with country singer Dierks Bentley for the song “Different for Girls” and even performed it at the 50th CMA Awards, which they won for Musical Event of the Year.

Many might wonder what makes listeners get hooked on Elle’s music. Well, the singer’s unique style is one on the list. Being able to blend country rock, blues, and pop is Elle’s best trait. Her songs are never dull or plain and are packed with different layers, making you jam from start to finish.

Of course, with these great talents comes excellent recognition as well. The ones mentioned earlier are just the tip of Elle’s beautifully decorated career. Elle was nominated in many Grammy Awards for Best Country Duo and her well-recognized album “Shake The Spirit.” Elle was also nominated in Teen Choice For Choice Music: Break Up Song and CMA Awards.

Some of her most notable wins are the 2020 ACM Award for Music Video of the Year for “Fooled Around And Fell in Love” and the 2022 ACM Award for Video of the Year for “Drunk (And I Don’t Wanna Go Home).”

Elle’s Love for Her Family

Aside from her achievement in the music industry, Elle was also able to win in life. Despite her biological parents’ divorce, Elle could still enjoy the company of her father and mother. The singer also opened up about her experience after her parents split and how it was to reconcile with Rob.

She revealed that as she got older, she could understand her parent, especially her father. Elle stated that she has a ‘beautiful’ and ‘wonderful’ relationship with Rob and added how much she loves her dad.

As for Rob Schneider’s ex-spouse, London King, Elle has all good words for her. In one of her posts, she called London the ‘ best mom ‘ and included how her mother helped her during her birth and prepared everything for her delivery. Elle’s relationship with her parents is so genuine that she can create a strong bond with them despite separation. 

Elle’s Bumby Love Life

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With a successful music career and a good relationship with her family, Elle has also started another aspect of her life. After getting engaged to tattoo artist Dan Tooker, Elle gave birth to her first son, Lucky; unfortunately, her happiness did not last long.

Elle was not clear why she ended things with Dan. However, many speculated about the break up after she went out wearing a jacket with “Single” written on the back during her 2023 Stagecoach performance.

It looks like Elle does not have luck in her love life because, like her parents, her marriage was unsuccessful. Elle was first married to Andrew Ferguson in February 2016. Unfortunately, things started to get messy when she accused her then-husband of threatening her life and was arrested for domestic violence last April 2023. On top of that, they also ended up getting divorced.

Elle stated how that marriage caused her so much destruction and how it affected her physically and mentally. It was tragic and depressing, but Elle was unshakable. Despite her mental struggles, she continued to create music and show up for her fans. 

Elle King had proven to be more than just Rob Schneider’s daughter. She filled concert halls with thousands of people and produced record-breaking singles. Though it was never easy, she was able to build a successful music career and become the musician she always wanted to be. Even though the future is still unclear, Elle will continue producing music that will satisfy her fans.

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