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Everything You Need to Know About Loretta Lynn’s Children 

Many people are curious about Loretta Lynn’s children as they are known to carry on the iconic country singer’s legacy. Sources report that Loretta has six children with his late husband, Oliver “Doolittle,” whom she married at the age of 15. 

Loretta gave birth to four of her six children before she even reached the age of 20. Unfortunately, as of 2023, two of her children had already passed away, with Betty Sue dying in 2013 and Jack Benny in 1984. 

On the other hand, her other children: Clara Marie, Ernest Ray, and twins Peggy Jean and Patsy Eileen, are still living quite a normal life away from the media. 

Loretta opened up before on her struggles balancing her career as a performer with being a mother, saying that despite her love for performing, her work really had bad consequences for her motherhood. 

In an interview, she stated that through the years, she missed countless important occasions like holidays and birthdays, all due to her work. She even finds it hard to find time to spend with her family due to her busy and hectic work schedule. 

Loretta also revealed that she didn’t stop working during her pregnancy with her twins until she gave birth. Although she struggled and was in pain most of the time while performing, she continued. She did mention that she doesn’t recommend other pregnant mothers to do the same thing she did. 

Loretta did make it clear that her family means everything to her, even though sometimes she is not there for them. As she reflects on her life as a mother, Loretta did mention in one interview that the biggest advice she can give any parents out there. 

She says parents should spend most of their time with their children while they still can. That’s because, at the end of the day, no one can ever catch up with the lost time that’s already gone. 

If you are still curious about her family, here’s everything to know about Loretta Lynn’s six children.

Who Is Betty Sue Lynn?

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Betty Sue Lynn was the first child that Loretta had at the age of 16. Growing up, Betty fell in love with music, seeing her mother play it day and night. That said, just like Loretta, Betty became one of the most-known songwriters to this day. 

Unfortunately, Betty died at the age of 64 because of complications from emphysema. Loretta and the whole family were devastated after such events. That’s why, as much as possible, they always make sure to give tribute to Betty during her death anniversary every year. 

Who Is Jack Benny Lynn?

Jack didn’t want to follow in his mother’s footsteps, unlike his siblings. Instead, he decided to live a normal life in the countryside, taking good care of their ranch. 

Through his teenage and mid-thirties, Jack was known to raise horses. Other than that, he was also known to be an amazing blacksmith. However, his life was cut short when he tragically drowned while trying to cross Duck River on horseback. 

According to reports, Loretta was on a tour when this tragedy happened. When his body was retrieved by the rescue team, the whole Lynn family was devastated and in great sadness during those times. 

According to Patsy, the youngest in the family, their mother was ‘torn to pieces’ after she heard the news. Like Betty, the family pays tribute to their late brother every year as a sign of love and affection. 

Who Is Clara Marie Lynn?

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Clara Marie, also called “Cissie,” spent a large portion of her musical career on the road, performing as an opener for some of country music’s biggest names, including George Jones and Conway Twitty. She also wed John Beams, a singer-songwriter who was her mother’s driver for years.

Since then, Cissie and her husband have shied away from the spotlight. They once had a rural shop and music barn close to Loretta Lynn’s Ranch. A report said they offered handcrafted things created in Tennessee and country music memorabilia. However, it appears that the business is no longer open.

Who Is Ernest Ray Lynn?

Ernest is the second son the couple had together and was born in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee. Ernest shared his mother’s love of music and frequently traveled with her as a bandmate. That’s why there was a point when Loretta frequently described Ernest as her ultimate best friend.

As of 2023, Ernest lives a quiet life away from the spotlight. Although he came from a very famous family, he decided to keep everything as low-key as possible. He has also married his second wife, Crystal. Both work at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch while living in Hurricane Mills.

Who Is Peggy Jean Lynn?

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Peggy is known to be the first to be born of the twins. Unlike their siblings, Peggy and Patsy were the ones who were given much attention. After all, when they were born, Loretta was already at the peak of her career as a musician. 

On the other hand, Peggy and Patsy also follow in the footsteps of their mother, Loretta. In the late ’90s, Peggy and Patsy formed a country band called The Lynns. Unsurprisingly, the songs they released easily hit the chart of Billboard’s Hot Country Songs twice. 

They were also nominated for CMA vocal duo of the Year in 1998 and 1999. However, the twins ultimately decided to disband and focus on their individual music careers.

Who Is Patsy Eileen Lynn Russell?

Patsy’s birth was indeed something that the whole family didn’t expect. During that time, Loretta thought that she would only have one child. However, to everyone’s surprise, it seems like yet another blessing is coming to the family. 

Like her siblings and mother, Patsy also became a known singer. Patsy also became a songwriter and producer for known artists like John Cash, the son of the iconic country singer Johnny Cash. 

That said, there is no doubt that Loretta Lynn’s children did carry on her legacy. Despite her death in 2022, her spirit and honor still live on to this day. 

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