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Sam Elliott Confesses He Isn’t A Fan Of ‘Yellowstone’

Actor Sam Elliot, who plays the role of Shea Brennan in the Yellowstone spinoff series 1883, is surprisingly not a fan of the original show itself. Hell, he doesn’t even watch the show. 

Elliott and Westerns 

Sam Elliott is among the few names who have mastered the craft of playing a gun-slinging cowboy as a hero and an outlaw. In fact, his work in the Western genre has landed him in the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum – not to mention the numerous awards he received for playing this type of role. 

Maybe it’s the mustache, or maybe it’s the dulcet, deep tones, or his overall rugged charm that makes him look the part, but whatever it is, he just looks so at ease in Westerns. 

According to the actor, his penchant for the genre had something to do with “integrity and a man’s word and honor” and all the other stuff that would usually get looked down on.

Among his most recent roles is Shrea Brennan in 1883, a limited-run prequel mini-series for the hit Taylor Sheridan show Yellowstone, along with Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, who play Margaret and James Dutton, respectively. 

Elliott and Yellowstone

Elliott shared his thoughts about Yellowstone during his appearance on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast. He said he loved Kevin Costner, and many good people were in the cast. 

He also said he had even worked with some of them before and had nothing against them, but the show was “too much like fu– Dallas or something” for him. 

However, that was mild because he had harsher comments for the Campion-directed film “The Power of Dog,” starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Jesse Plemons, Kirsten Dunst, and Kodi McPhee. Elliott described the film, which received several awards, including a Golden Globe, as a “piece of s–t.”

While people may feel that his opinion wasn’t warranted, Elliott had authority in the genre. Whether anyone likes it or not, his words carry weight. 

While he’s not a fan of Yellowstone, he is of 1883In an interview with Taste of Country, he said that the prequel was so tainted by the original show, which, on some level, he couldn’t stand. 

It was mainly because, to him, 1883 could stand alone, and it will. He was even confident that people would comment and see that the only connection the two shows got was John Dutton to Montana. 

1883 first came out in 2021, and Paramount+ apparently ordered more episodes. However, according to Town & Country, its specific creative direction hasn’t been determined just yet. So, we’ll probably just have to wait for Taylor Sheridan to finally pull it out from his drafts. 

Sadly, though, Sam Elliot’s character wouldn’t be a part of that, as Brennan was one of the major deaths in the finale. Maybe we’d have a chance to see him in a flashback or any form because if there’s one thing we’re sure of, it’s the fact that the Yellowstone universe will keep expanding. 

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