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Are SZA and Kehlani’s Dating Rumors True? Here’s The Answer

The year 2022 really had some juicy rumors lying around, as some music fans started speculating that R&B superstars SZA and Kehlani might be in a relationship after Kehlani went on to come out as lesbian in April 2021 in a TikTok video. 

In an interview, Kehlani revealed the reason why she didn’t want to come out yet, stating that she was extremely pressured by the public expectations of her. In a statement, she said that people gave her a label she never gave herself and got mad when she didn’t fit into it.

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However, she already knew from the very start that her energy has always been extremely fluid between masculine and feminine, so that’s why she used the term “queer” to refer to herself. 

On top of that, Queer is also inclusive to non-binary people. However, in the end, she still prefers and is totally fine if people still want to call her by the pronoun “she.” After all, what really matters is what she truly believes from the inside. 

Although some of Kehlani’s fans were already expecting that announcement to come, they just didn’t anticipate the rumors that would come after she revealed it. 

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Reports say that right after Kehlani and SZA were snapped holding hands during their hangout session with Lizzo in 2022, some netizens started speculating that SZA and Kehlani might be in a secret relationship and are now ready to reveal it to the public. 

However, it seems like no one can really confirm if the rumors are true since both Kehlani and SZA have been really good friends for years already. 

Some fans came to their defense, saying that the two might actually just have a friendly hangout, considering they are both active in the music scene and have been sharing the same audience. So, it is not impossible to see them both hanging out at all.

To support that claim, some of their avid fans then went on to explain that SZA is just one of Kehlani’s closest friends, as she has also been invited to one of Kehlani’s private surprise 26th birthday parties at Beauty & Essex in Los Angeles in 2021. 

However, until the two confirm or deny the rumors, no one can really say if the rumors are actually true or not. So it is only safe to say that only time will definitely tell. That said, to be updated on both SZA and Kehlani’s life, you can always check them out on their Instagram account @sza and @kehlani

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