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The Unexpected Split of Maia Mitchell and Rudy Mancuso

Avid supporters of “Good Trouble” alum Maia Mitchell and Rudy Mancuso are now in wonder as to what might be the reason why the once happy couple has decided to end things after their split up in 2022. 

It’s already been six years since the two have started dating. However, things seem to have gone sideways for the two, as they eventually decided to end their long-term relationship. 

According to some reports, the couple said it happened during the first few months of 2022. However, it seems like both Mitchell and Mancuso are still not yet ready to publicly speak about the reason why they ended their seemingly good relationship. 

It made some fans start speculating as to what might be the reason why the two suddenly split up. So, if you want to know more about it, scroll down as we got everything covered for you!

Who Is Maia Mitchell and Rudy Mancuso? 

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Maia Mitchell is an Australian actress and singer known for her role in the television series “Good Trouble.” On the other hand, Rudy Mancuso is an internet personality known for making comedy skits on the famous entertainment apps YouTube and Vine. 

Just like Mitchell, he also went on to star in the hit show “Good Trouble.” Since then, they have been known as one of the power couples in the industry.

How Did the Two Meet?

Reports say that Maia Mitchell and Rudy Mancuso first met in 2014, and a year later, they eventually started dating. The exact moment of how they met wasn’t revealed to the public. However, many believe the two must have known each other from common friends as they both worked in the same industry. 

The Start of Break-Up Rumors

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The couple’s fans didn’t anticipate that the two would eventually end their six-year relationship, as they both look so happy and good together. 

However, after Mancuso started deleting all of their photos and videos on his social media accounts, fans started to get nervous about the fact that the two might have actually decided to split up. 

Break-Up Rumors Confirmed

The confirmation of their break-up was announced three weeks after Mitchell left the show “Good Trouble” after being part of it for four seasons. According to some reports, Mitchell decided to leave the show for good since she wanted to move back to Australia to spend more time with her family back home. 

In an interview, she explained that while she has been so fortunate to have this career and job, something inside her just wanted to go back home and be closer to her nearest and dearest loved ones. 

Some speculated that maybe Mitchell’s decision to go back home was one of the factors of their sudden break-up. However, some also speculate that maybe the two just wanted to grow separately and pursue the things they badly wanted to. 

Mancuso Is Now Finally in A Relationship Again

A few months after their break-up, Mancuso was spotted spending time with another girl named Camila Mendes. According to reports, they started dating around November 2022 and have been both committed to making their relationship last till the end. 

The Break-up’s Impact On Their “Good Trouble” Fans

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Although the decision was something that both Mancuso and Mitchell had decided to take, it was still undeniably painful for their “Good Trouble” fans. That is because they actually thought the relationship that the two had was something that was built to last. 

However, despite what happened, their fans have maintained to support Maia Mitchell and Rudy Mancuso in their respective endeavors in life despite their unexpected split up. For those of you who want to keep updated with what is happening with the ex-couple’s life, you can always follow them on their Instagram @rusymancuso and @maiamitchell.

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