Arlo Guthrie Shares Wedding Photo of Him and Long Time Partner Marti Ladd

Arlo Guthrie Shares Wedding Photo of Him and Long Time Partner Marti Ladd
Folk Singer Arlo Guthrie Marries Longtime Love Marti Ladd

The renowned folk singer and songwriter Arlo Guthrie has made headlines after the unexpected revelation that he and his long-time girlfriend Marti Ladd have finally tied the knot, as seen in their online wedding photo.  

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Arlo Guthrie has already made a name for himself since the 1900s. He has sung many songs that have struck many, such as his songs of protests against social injustice. Arlo has a distinct way of delivering his music that captured many listeners. As a result, he became one of the most sought-after musicians in the industry.

Guthrie is the son of the well-known musician Woody Guthrie. Although some may argue that his fame stemmed only from his father’s name, many would agree that this is not the case. Arlo Guthrie has built a reputation for himself due to his individuality and the refinement he brings to his performances.

He has also acted in films such as Alice’s Restaurant, The Muppet Show, Politically Incorrect, and Roadside Prophets. He is also quite vocal about his goals and ideals and is well-known for his involvement in huge anti-injustice protests.

Before Meeting Ladd, He Was Married for 46 Years

Aside from his fans, Guthrie has had very concrete support from his family. Before meeting his now wife, Marti Ladd, Guthrie was actually married to someone first. He was married to his first wife, Jackie Hyde, for 46 years. 

Unfortunately, their seemingly long-lasting relationship has ended not because they have fallen out of love but because Hyde had liver cancer, ultimately leading her to her death in 2012. 

How Did Guthrie and Ladd Met?

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Guthrie was able to find love again after a short period of grief. Marti Ladd and Arlo Guthrie were said to have known each other since 2001 when he checked into her upstate New York inn. They’ve been good friends since then, but their connection couldn’t develop much further because Guthrie was married then.

Guthrie felt a hole in his heart following the passing of his first wife. Due to his demanding work schedule, he really found it difficult to grieve for his loss. That’s where Ladd intervened to support her buddy, and by 2013, their bond had developed further. Guthrie said in a statement that a part of him began to reanimate. 

Of course, many did wonder how they kept in touch with one another. The couple then answered this question in an interview, stating that they frequently spoke via instant messaging, discussing philosophy, spirituality, and the ups and downs of their respective professions.

With that said, Guthrie somehow found comfort and love after his long-time wife died through Ladd. He wasn’t looking for it, but it just happened because of Ladd coming into his life. As a result, they ended up taking their friendship to the next level. But it was not until recently that Guthrie and Ladd decided to tie the knot. 

They Got Married During the Pandemic, And It Was Memorable!

In 2021, the couple shared a very sweet-looking photo on their Instagram announcing their marriage to their fans. Since their wedding happened during the pandemic, COVID restrictions must be followed. 

As a result, the couple didn’t have a grand wedding ceremony. However, it remained memorable as they shared their intimate wedding with Ladd’s family.

Shortly after the ceremony, they laughed off an incident where they had to contact the police after a vehicle sideswiped their car, making their wedding day even more memorable. Ladd said that when the neighborhood police arrived, they saw them dressed for their wedding and waiting on the sidewalk while munching on pizza.

What Pushed Guthrie to Pop the Question?

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After his retirement in 2020, Guthrie has decided to live a simple life with Ladd in the countryside of Massachusetts to wait out the pandemic. 

However, during that time, Ladd suffered a stroke, which made Guthrie realize how fragile life can be. That’s why he decided not to waste any time and started not taking things for granted and popped the question to the love of his life. 

Guthrie has shared with his fans that it’s not every year he gets married. That’s why, instead of getting together with large groups of family and friends, he decided with Ladd to celebrate Thanksgiving alone and just savor how life has been good for them both. 

For Arlo Guthrie and Marti Ladd, what’s more important is that on each day that counts, they will make sure to treasure each and every moment, as seen in their wedding photo. Their friendship and marriage really prove to everyone that anyone deserves to be loved again. 

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