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Alyssa Snider And Kyle Capener Split After Less Than A Year

Last January 2023, Big Brother star Kyle Capener took to Instagram to announce that he and fellow reality star Alyssa Snider had split. Fans were surprised by the news, as the two had just returned from a month-long holiday trip visiting England, Italy, and Greece. 

The Season 24 Showmance

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Snider and Capener first met in the Summer of 2022 when they filmed for Season 24 of Big Brother. They captivated fans with their interactions, but their time together in the house was cut short. Capener was evicted in September after he made racial comments suggesting that all the white contestants stick with each other. 

A few weeks later, Snider joined him in the outside world. Speaking exclusively with Us Weekly, she revealed that she felt disappointed with Capener’s comments and needed much clarity. “So I think getting out of the house – in jury – I can have some good conversations with Kyle,” she said. Snider also wanted to talk with her family and friends to see where they both lie. 

Despite Capener’s actions, his housemates had given him love and compassion, which he would be forever grateful for. He had also taken himself accountable for what he said. He knew it was now his responsibility to continue those conversations, find resources, learn and understand his situations, and ultimately grow from the experience. 

A month later, the couple seemingly confirmed that they worked things out as they enjoyed a trip to Saint Augustine, Florida. However, they still haven’t confirmed their label. Then, in November 2022, they did an Instagram Q&A session where fans asked whether they were dating. To which they coyly responded, “Are we?”

During the session, Capener also recalled the moment that he knew she was the one for him. In their first conversation in the house, he told her, “I think you’re going to make me fall in love with you, aren’t you?” 

Then, to cap off their year, the couple spent the holidays together, jetting off to England and Italy and culminating their January trip in Greece. 

Calling It Quits

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Shortly after returning from their trip, Capener posted a lengthy statement on his Instagram story revealing that they had broken up.

He said that he still had a lot of healing to do and needed to do it on his own, which was why he and Snider decided to take some time apart. They believed the breakup would benefit both of them as it would give them time to focus on themselves. 

However, the reality TV star assured fans that it was a decision made with much love and consideration for each other’s mental health. He also noted that they were on good terms and would continue supporting each other in all aspects of their lives. He hoped everyone would do the same for them and asked that their privacy be respected as they navigate through it. 

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Capener concluded his statement, saying, “We still love and care for each other deeply, and we look forward to the future with hope and positivity. Thank you for your understanding and support.”

Alyssa Snider reposted it on her Instagram story, but she has not made any public statements about her split with Kyle Capener. 

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