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No More Love from Love Island? Justine Ndiba and Caleb Corprew Confirm Split

The happy ever after on Love Island is over as winning couple Justine Ndiba and Caleb Corprew confirm split up. Love Island’s magic has worked countless times after producing happy couples after the show ends each season, but that magic is running out. 

The audience fell head over heels for Justine at the CBS premiere of the second season of Love Island. However, she wasn’t fortunate enough to meet a reliable partner during her first several weeks in the Las Vegas villa. The tides happily turned when Caleb was introduced into the villa, making him Justine’s closest cast member. 

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Justine and Caleb also made history for being the first Black couple to win the show and gained a huge fan base. The question is, are Justine and Caleb still together?

The fairytale love story surely doesn’t last long, as fans have observed the breakups of the Love Island USA couples ever since the season ended. Now, sadly, another one falls away. 

Justine Ndiba announced on Instagram that she and Caleb Corprew had broken up. Justine then took some time to express her gratitude to her fans for supporting all her endeavors. In an Instagram post, Caleb also addressed the couple’s split and sought to dissuade people from making conspiracy theories.

Love Island followers heavily speculate about this well-publicized split between Justine Ndiba and Caleb Corprew on social media—some claim to be aware of Caleb’s relationship before appearing on the show. 

Others claim that Caleb chose Justine because he was aware of how adored she was by the audience. Even some individuals are saying that Caleb is cheating. However, these assumptions have yet to be confirmed.

Justine stated in her Instagram post that her split with Caleb is harrowing and heartbreaking. Despite that, the two of them seem to be enjoying their single life. 

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Even though it doesn’t seem either is dating anybody else, not based on their Instagram accounts, Justine Ndiba and Caleb Corprew seem to be getting along quite fine since their breakup. Both parties are taking their time finding happiness again through their recent heartbreaks, especially Justine.

Her social media accounts indicate that she recovered and utilized her “Love Island USA” fame to begin a career as an influencer. Justine has collaborated with companies including Fab Fit Fun, Savage X Fenty, and White Fox Boutique since she won the competition. 

She also represents the brand Shoe Dazzle as an ambassador. Justine also released a podcast called “As You Should” with her close friend and fellow Islander Celly Vazquez.

On the other hand, Caleb is also creating a social media presence. He has worked with brands like Samsung and Bojangles. Additionally, he visited Nashville and the Caribbean. 

For a brief time, he launched a mini-series on Instagram called “No Bad Days,” where he updated his followers on his travels. Justine and Caleb are making the most of their post-reality television existence, even though they could not sustain their romance after leaving the villa, and we love seeing them thrive well.

These celebrity couples’ breakups are popping up like mushrooms, and fans are also left heartbroken. Love Island’s cast members are slowly withering as time passes, and we don’t know who will fall apart next.

Justine Ndiba and Caleb Corprew’s split is another sad news for Love Island fans. After making history of being the first black couple to win the show through their cute social media content together, fans will surely miss this couple’s romance and affection towards each other. That said, whatever the reason for the breakup, their supporters continue to be with them throughout the healing process.

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