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Are The Couples of “Are You The One” Show Still Together? A Brief Update

Do you wonder if the “Are You the One” couples are still together? Well, the answer to that is the latter, as some of the couples on the show have stayed strong together even after the show’s end. However, some seemingly chose to break up due to some personal reasons. 

AYTO is a hit American reality dating TV series known for its thrilling matchmaking algorithm. The series tries to match a group of men and women into secret pairs that each contestant needs to identify by the end of the season. 

If they succeed in this quest, the show promises to reward them with a whopping $1 million as a cash prize. However, the $1 million money prize will drop each time they guess incorrectly. This type of setup gives viewers that sense of excitement and thrill, causing the show to reach the top of the most-watched dating shows of this century. 

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The show was first released in 2014 on MTV’s main channel. During its first five seasons, most matches were completely heterosexual. However, over the coming seasons, the show has become sexually fluid, so cases of matches only being heterosexual have decreased a lot, making the show more challenging to win. 

Despite the changes, the show has somehow garnered a positive response from netizens as its inclusivity has improved.

Given the show’s following, it’s only natural for fans to wonder if their favorite couples are still together years after they were last seen in the series. If you want to know more, scroll down; we have all the teas you want!

Season 1: Amber Lee and Ethan Diamond

Many fans have wondered what has happened to the season 1 couple superstar Amber and Ethan. Well, it seems like they had been doing well as a couple, even growing their family after they instantly clicked while on the show. 

In 2014, they welcomed their first child, Scarlett, and four years later, they welcomed their second child, a baby girl named Serena. Even after the show, it seems like the couple has stayed affectionate towards each other, with them even sharing sweet posts on Instagram. 

On Valentine’s Day in 2022, Ethan stated that he is forever grateful that he was able to meet such a partner as Amber, so lovable and cheerful. On top of that, the TV star greeted his wife with the happiest Valentine’s ever, expressing that no matter what happens, he will forever love Amber until the end. 

Season 1: Coleysia Chestnut and Dillan Ostrom

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After sitting together during the first beam ceremony, the two were instantly paired as the perfect match. Although they started great at first, it seems like their relationship didn’t last that long, not even reaching the reunion. 

Based on some reports, they decided to go their separate ways after their time on the show had ended. Dillan is now busy with his new work as a rumble boxing trainer and trying to act on the side. On the other hand, Coleysia also founded her own business online. 

Despite all that, their fans support their decision and are happy that the two are doing well, even apart. 

Season 2: Jenni Knapmiller and Curtis Hadzicki

Reports say the two started dating in 2015 when they reconnected after their first meeting in season 2 of the show. It seems like their reconnection didn’t go to waste since, five years later, the two finally announced that they were officially engaged. Two years after their big announcement, the couple tied the knot in May 2022 in a relatively intimate wedding ceremony. 

Season 3: Britni Thornton and Chuck Mowery

Fans were super excited for the two when they announced that they were dating off-camera. However, things seemed to go sideways sometime in 2017 when the two quietly parted ways due to undisclosed reasons. 

They shocked fans when they deleted some of their old Instagram photos together, confirming that they had finally split up. A few years later, it was revealed that the two just didn’t work out as they had hoped, but they assured fans that they had no beef towards each other. 

Season 4: Mikala Thomas and Joe Torgerson

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In 2016, Mikala and Joe made fans fall in love with them, as they were one of the most perfect matches the show has ever had. However, no matter how perfect their relationship was at first, as problems arose along the way, the two eventually decided to split up.

As fate would have it, the two returned to each other’s arms in 2018. As time passed, they got so in love that they finally decided to get engaged in 2021. Joe jokingly stated on his Instagram that Mikala is “stuck with him now” whether she likes it or not. 

Season 4: Caroluna Duarte and Cam Bruckman

While filming season 4 of the show, the two instantly connected as if they were soulmates. As they got to know each other even more, they eventually dated for years before finally deciding to tie the knot in 2021. A year later, they announced the arrival of their first baby, a daughter named Elaine. 

Season 5: Cali Trepp and Tomas Buenos

The two started to get to know each other in 2019 while they were still filming the third season of Ex on the Beach. After a year, they leveled up their relationship, having their first child, Isabella. Then, two years later, they welcomed their second kid, Sophia, in January of 2022. 

Season 6: Uche Nwosu and Clinton Moxam

Uche and Clinton were amongst the most memorable couples in the history of the show, as they were able to prove that sometimes matching perfectly with someone is not the basis of what true love is. 

Even though the algorithm thinks they are not the “perfect match,” the couple continued their relationship and is now one of the healthiest and happiest couples in the industry. 

During an interview, the couple expressed that although their experience on the show was unconventional, the love story they were able to form at that time is something that they wouldn’t change for the world. 

Although many couples from the “Are You The One” show didn’t end their story with a happy ending, it is still nice to know that some of them conquered the challenges their relationships faced and are still together to this day. 

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