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Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss Relationship Timeline

Big Brother housemates Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss have found love while filming the hit reality CBS TV series. The love birds first met during season 23 of the hit show. 

Although they started well during the initial part of the show, they eventually found themselves evicted in the end. However, their elimination led them to build a connection far more than they had expected. 

During the airing of the show, the audience already noticed that the relationship Derek and Claire had was more than just for the show. It was already obvious that they would form a bond built to last because they both shared common interests as both lived in New York.

Let’s Get to Know the Couple

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Born in 1997, Derek Xiao is a young entrepreneur who started his own food company that ships meal kits across the United States. With the help of internet influencers, his seemingly small business has grown drastically. He first appeared on the hit show “Big Brother” in 2021 alongside actress Alyssa Lopez. 

On the other hand, Claire Rehfuss, born in 1996, is a full-time AI engineer known at the University of Michigan for graduating as the first woman with a degree in Data Science Engineering. In line with her work, she wrote a bunch of satellite codes for various companies. Just like Derek, she also first appeared on the hit TV show in 2021. 

Both couples are professionals who have built a name for themselves in their respective industries. Since their chemistry is undeniably outstanding, fans can’t help but wonder how the two reached such a phenomenal connection with each other. From mere housemates to now inseparable lovers. 

So, if you are interested in knowing more about the two’s relationship timeline, then scroll down as we got everything covered for you!

Their First Appearance: July 2021

Their first encounter was rather unexpected since Claire only stepped into the show to replace house guest Christie Valdiserri after she tested positive for COVID-19. During her first appearance on the show, Derek was already captivated by her presence. 

There was even an interview where Derek openly stated that right off the bat, Claire was his “Type.” What’s more surprising is the fact that even Claire also liked Derek from the first time they met. 

However, since they both aimed to win the game and take home the grand prize, the two kept their feelings aside as they wanted to focus first on winning the game, no matter what. 

In an interview, Claire explained that she thought that both she and Derek were just too wrapped up in the game, and flirting with someone at that time didn’t cross their mind at all. That is why their relationship didn’t progress that much during the show. 

However, their friendship did grow in the process. Despite all the tension brought about by the show, the two eventually found their way into a relationship with each other in the end. 

Eviction Day: August 2021

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Despite their effort to make it to the top, the two still found themselves getting evicted from the house after the elimination results were released during the August 26 episode. However, this seemingly negative thing caused Derek and Claire’s friendship to progress into something more. 

Unexpected Reunion: September 2021

A few months after their eviction from Big Brother’s house, the two reunited again in the jury house. During that time, both Derek and Claire finally realized that they actually liked each other so much. As a result, their seemingly unexpected reunion made them start their wonderful relationship. 

In an interview, Derek stated that during their reunion on the Jury, he was shocked to realize that he and Claire actually had such a strong connection and chemistry, which he hoped had started in the house. Despite that, he is still happy to start a new beginning with Claire and hopes their love will last till the end.  

Dating at Last: October 2021

After getting to know each other during their reunion in the Jury House, Claire and Derek finally made things official when they announced that they were dating after they developed romantic feelings.

As the news broke out, their fans, who were already anticipating this thing to happen, jumped in excitement. They were overjoyed that their favorite Big Brother contestants were finally official lovers. 

In the announcement post, Claire stated that she is super thankful to meet Derek, as he is the absolute best thing to come out of her life’s most stressful three months. 

Meanwhile, Derek has also shared a heart-warming post with a cute snap of Claire. In it, he expressed that everyone should start expecting the unexpected, as his relationship with Claire was something that they both didn’t anticipate at all. 

Derek has also extended his gratitude to his fellow housemates for helping them both keep their secret. He expressed that it was indeed hard to come out of Big Brother’s house. However, with Claire now by his side, there are no problems they couldn’t solve. 

Cute Love Updates: October-December 2021

Since their initial dating announcement, the couple has kept their fans updated by sharing some of their most cherished memories as a couple on their respective social media accounts. From TikToks to random videos, the Love Birds haven’t failed to make their fans happy and excited to see more of their goofy and relatable couple moments. 

During the Christmas season, instead of going snowboarding, the couple decided to go on a romantic hot-air balloon ride while gazing at the beautiful sunset view from the sky. 

First Valentine’s Together: February 2022

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By the looks of it, Derek is definitely not afraid to express how madly in love he is with Claire on social media. During Valentine’s Day in 2022, Derek shared a sweet post stating he got teary-eyed after seeing all the memories both he and Claire had formed together. 

He added that he is extremely thankful for meeting Claire, as she is one of the most caring, funny, intelligent, beautiful, and “mushy” people he knows.

Traveling Together: July 2022

Despite their busy schedule, the couple hasn’t failed to make time for each other. In July 2022, they were spotted going on a happy trip to Miami. Fans were so happy after seeing the couple update their socials with a cute and goofy snap of them in a yacht while on the trip. 

Moving Out of the Big Apple: August 2022

Since the couple wanted to take their relationship to the next level, in August 2022, they shared an exciting announcement with everyone. As per the report, the couple has decided to move from New York to Los Angeles, as they are now on the hunt for a “long-term lease.”

Amazing Runners: August 2022

In the same month, the couple was announced to be competing together on season 34 of “The Amazing Race” America. Although they had quite a challenge finishing the race, in an interview, they shared that the competition has undeniably strengthened their bond as a couple in ways they had never expected it to be. 

In an interview, Claire went on to state that during the show, their communication has been tested. In the beginning, they thought that they were the perfect couple with no problems. 

However, as time passed, it seemed like their relationship was tested to its limits. Thankfully, they passed through all the hardships and are now stronger than they used to be. 

There is no doubt that Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss’s relationship is something of an inspiration, considering that they found positivity while they were put under pressure.  

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