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Couples Who Braved Through The Temptation Island, Where Are They Now?

As they say, only a few can resist the temptation on Temptation Island, and surely we’re all curious about one thing: Where are they now?

If you haven’t been following the show, let us quickly explain its concept. 

Basically, Temptation Island is a reality dating game show that features four real-life couples whose relationships are tested by introducing 24 charming, eligible singletons into the mix – into a heavenly tropical paradise, no less. 

Some of these couples have already committed to each other for years and have contemplated entering the next chapter. For some reason, they still want to be sure they are with the right, faithful person. 

As Cosmopolitan pointed out: ‘What better way to determine the future of your relationship than by heading to a mansion filled with people whose sole intent is to come between you and your partner?’ 

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Kinda bonkers, right? Host Mark L. Walberg absolutely agrees with that, but he wasn’t entirely wrong when he said that this was a very real experience. 

He also added that temptation was and remained to be at every swipe of the finger. That said, the show almost always ends with more breakups than couples staying together. 

Let’s take a look at the couples who made it out together and the new ones who are starting a new chapter (by, unfortunately, ripping up their old one). 

Shari Ligons & Javen Butler

High school sweethearts Shari and Javen mutually decided to test their loyalty to each other. It was quite a smooth ride on the island, and they ended up getting engaged at the finale. After all, they waved and braved a lot of things in their eight years. 

But it wasn’t entirely a smooth-sailing relationship moving forward. The couple briefly broke up back in 2020 after Javen accused Shari of cheating, and Shari exposed him as abusive. The breakup didn’t last long, and they gave their relationship another chance. 

Though they hadn’t tied the knot just yet, what we do know is they’re very supportive of each other. They have a joint YouTube channel if you want to be in the know about their latest adventures.

Evan Smith & Morgan Lolar

Evan landed on the island with his high school sweetheart, Kaci Campbell, but sadly, he left with another woman – Morgan. What happened to him remains one of the most shocking breakups on the show. 

Evan and Kaci practically knew each other since they were kids, lived together before the show, and even shared a dog. Then to add salt to the wound, Evan proposed to Morgan at their six-month anniversary, and she said ‘Yes.’

However, their relationship turned to a bitter end after Morgan revealed with Us Weekly in 2020 that she called off the engagement because she had been financially supporting them for the year and a half that they lived together and because he cheated on her. If you want the tea, check her YouTube series out. 

David Benavidez & Toneata Morgan

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David had the time of his life on the island, cheating on his girlfriend of three years to enjoy the steamiest night in Temptation Island history. He had a threesome with Samantha Hoffman and Payton Burgess. 

The cherry on top? He didn’t even leave with either of them. He wrapped up the show instead with Toneata Morgan. 

The spark didn’t last long enough for him and Toneata, though; by the cast reunion, David and Kate were back together. However, that didn’t last too. The couple split off for good – David stepped away from the limelight, and Kate found the love of her life (and they’re still going strong) in entrepreneur Anand Sukhadia. 

Esonica Veira & Kareem Thomas

Looking to patch up her trust issues, Esonica decided to take on the challenge of Temptation Island to see if her then-boyfriend Gavin would pass the test. They both failed. 

Once they were separated, Esonica hit it off with former basketball player Kareem. Meanwhile, Gavin also explored other relationships on the show, though, to his credit, he largely remained faithful to Esonica. 

Esonica ended up leaving the island with Kareem. After that, they hit radio silence, and the sparks eventually fizzled out. No rekindling happened between the past lovers, too, as they couldn’t agree on the degree of infidelity that happened on the island. 

That said, it seems like they are both living their best lives now as single people – Gavin as an actor and Esonica as an entrepreneur and TV host. 

Chelsea Orcutt & Thomas Gipson

Chelsea and Thomas survived the f-ing rollercoaster of scandals and drama in Season 3. And while they might not be as showy as others on social media with their latest couple photo on Instagram dated last May 2022, it looks like they’re still going strong together. Oh, and they still follow each other, so that’s a good sign, too. 

Erin Smith & Corey Sobczyk

Erin and Corey left the island together despite the many ups and downs. Though, Unlike Chelsea and Thomas, their relationship didn’t survive too long after that. The couple broke up during the reunion special and then later on reconciled. 

Then, their photos disappeared after the show disappeared, Erin’s Instagram was set to private, and their latest photo posted was back in March 2021 (and Corey hasn’t been posting after the show either). Lastly, they have already unfollowed each other on social media, and we all know too well what that means. 

Speaking with USA, Erin revealed that they ultimately couldn’t work it out. She said, “Corey would be telling me one thing, and then I would be watching something totally different.” She did say that she still thinks he’s a great person.  

Kristen Ramos & Julian Allen

“And they lived happily ever after.” 

Kristen and Julian are one of the very few success stories on the show. The couple ended their stint on the island with an engagement and stamped on a wedding date during the reunion special. Then after 12 years of dating, their summer wedding finally happened! 

Last July 2022, the two finally vowed to love each other till death do they part in front of family, friends, and fellow islanders, including Chelsea and Thomas. The beautiful ceremony was held in Puerto Rico. 

Edgar De Santiago & Marissa Rodriguez

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When the time finally ticked that their stay on the island was finally over, Edgar had a change of heart, choosing Marissa over his college sweetheart Gillian Lieberman. 

However, the guilt of cheating on Gillian damaged the genuine connection that he and Marissa had. Edgar shared that Marissa still meant a lot to him during the reunion. 

Sadly, he knew in himself that he couldn’t handle a relationship then. On the other hand, Marissa felt that it sucked but expressed that she had a great time with Edgar. 

Lascelles Largares & Trace Winningham

Lascelles trashed the last seven years with his girlfriend, Ashley Rodriguez, and chose Trace instead. Then, after filming ended, he hooked up with not one but two of the singles from the island, Alex Coppola and Meghan Pilkington. 

He didn’t confess to Trace (and even visited her in California, where they decided to be just friends because the chemistry wasn’t like before) until the reunion happened. Though it wasn’t really a confession because he chalked it up to being ‘under the influence’ and that he wasn’t the one to initiate. 

Luke Wechselberger & Iris Jardiel

Wrapping up is another success story: Luke Wechselberger and Iris Jardiel. But they went through a difficult road to get there. 

Iris explained that coming to Temptation Island was a cheating test for Luke due to his past. However, the experience became a test for Iris too, who had to learn her shortcomings when it came to commitment. 

Fortunately, they both had the will to never to let each other go, so they worked on whatever issues they had. Luke ended up popping the question at the final bonfire. 

The couple not only left the island together but with a commitment to enter the next chapter hand-in-hand too. They haven’t set a date yet, but Iris shared they are hoping to get married in the next two years in Santorini, Greece. 

There we have it! Temptation Island Season 5 looks like it’s currently in the works, so we have to stay tuned for that! If anything else happens with the couples above and where they are now changes, we’ll surely let you know. 

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