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Who is Garth Brooks’s Daughter, Taylor Mayne Pearl Brooks

Taylor Mayne Pearl Brooks is the eldest child of American singer-songwriter Garth Brooks and his ex-wife Sandy Mahl. Despite being born into a celebrity family, Taylor had kept her life private. Here are some things that we were able to discover about Garth Brooks’s daughter.

Taylor is the Eldest

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So, how many kids does Garth Brooks have? Well, Taylor is the eldest of three sisters. Garth has other daughters named August Anna Brooks and Allie Colleen Brooks.

Her younger sister, Allie, like her father, is a successful singer, unlike her. Her other sister, August, also holds a University of Oklahoma law bachelor’s degree.

It was also revealed that all three sisters have a good relationship with one another. They are very close and like to spend time together. Another thing that you need to know about Taylor’s younger sisters is that they are already married and have settled down happily.

Taylor is Still Single

Garth Brooks’ eldest daughter is very private, and her love life is unknown to the public. Taylor kept her life very hidden from the media, and many are curious if she is also married, just like her other siblings.

There are rumors that Taylor had also tied the knot, but this is never confirmed. There is also never any news about her having a boyfriend, so for now, it’s safe to say she’s still single.

Taylor is close to Her Mom and Dad

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Despite revealing that he and his ex-wife, Sandy Mahl, did not plan to have Taylor while married, the two are very happy when they finally have her. Her parents named her after James Vernon Taylor, a famous Rock and Roll artist and Hall-of-Famer in the music industry.

Even though her parents were already separated, they did a great job raising Taylor and her other siblings away from the limelight and protecting them from the public’s scrutinizing eyes. Taylor Mayne Pearl Brooks is also very close to her parents, who are very proud of her achievements in life.

Garth Brooks and Sandy Mahl devised a schedule wherein the children would alternate between them daily, even after the divorce was officially finalized. For fourteen years, Taylor, August, and Allie saw both of their parents every day, which might be the reason for their tight bond.

Taylor Pursued Philanthropy

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Unlike his father’s career path, Taylor decided to pursue philanthropy. She later continued her postgraduate studies in Theology at Vanderbilt University, Nashville.

In October 2010, Taylor was seen with her father and her new wife, Trisha Yearwood, helping ‘Habitat for Humanity,’ a charity project that Garth and Trisha supported for many years. And despite enjoying music and arts like her dad, Taylor stuck with philanthropic works and elevating her education.

Though Taylor Brooks did not follow her father’s path, Garth Brooks is proud of his eldest child. During one interview, he said his kids are his ‘greatest joy.’ He might be able to teach them manners and how to think, but at the end of the day, ‘they’re going to be who they are going to be.’

The Brooks family had their share of complicated situations and obstacles they needed to solve. After all of those challenges, Taylor and her family were able to come out stronger.

Taylor Mayne Pearl Brooks remains very private until now, but that does not mean there is nothing more to learn from her and her life. It’s always satisfying to find out new things about this kind of public figure, especially Taylor. A loving child and a person who lives promoting charities and helping others who are in need.

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