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All You Need to Know About the Nasim Pedrad Lamorne Morris’s Relationship

It’s quite common for on-screen pairs to end up in a real relationship in real life. ‘New Girl’ fans are quite delighted to hear that the relationship between Winston Bishop and Aly Nelson in the show was real off-screen. That said, here’s everything you need to know about Nasim Pedrad Lamorne Morris’s relationship. 

Rumors About Them Dating

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Nasim Pedrad and Lamorne Morris acted in the hit sitcom series called New Girl. In the show, their romance blossomed after starting off as mere partners at LAPD. They eventually got married, had a kid, and their relationship in the show seems to have quite a happy ending.

However, what excited fans was when reports started circulating stating that the on-screen partners were actually in a secret real-life relationship. That’s why fans started to ask the stars if the rumors were true, but it seems like the two are trying to keep their respective love lives as private as possible. 

Morris shared an Instagram post in 2020 after he and Pedrad reunited for the Netflix movie “Desperados.” Fans quickly started commenting, asking them both for confirmation. However, as stated earlier, it seems like the stars don’t want to confirm or deny any rumors. As a result, this made fans speculate that maybe Morris and Pedrad are just trying to keep their relationship a secret from everyone.

The dating rumors started to spark in 2018. However, for years, the stars only stated that they were just good friends, nothing more and nothing less. However, fans really hope that the two are just keeping everything a secret and wish they would end up in real life.

The Reason Why They Might Be Keeping Everything a Secret

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According to one report, Morris stated in one interview that his ex-girlfriend, whom he has been with for years, cheated on him. Since then, he has struggled with trust issues and is even scared to fall in love again. That relationship gave him trauma, so he doesn’t know if he is open to sharing with everyone if he will ever be in a relationship again. 

In the interview, Morris stated that his ex-girlfriend stepped on him with a star, spinning his head in various circles. Although he could tell every bad thing she did to him, Morris decided to respect her privacy and keep everything they had in the past.  

That said, this may be one of the major reasons why Morris tried to keep his relationship with Pedrad under wraps. Maybe he is scared that one day this might also end up like his last. 

His Ex

Reports have stated that the only girlfriend Morris is seen with publicly was Erin Lim, who was actually his partner during the 2017 Emmy Awards. It is common knowledge that they dated for about two years before breaking up. The reason behind their break up is unknown, but some say that maybe she is why Morris is scared to love again. 

A Happy Ending?

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Morris is quite interesting himself. His life is full of mystery, and this is what fans found so intriguing about him. Despite being so devastatingly heartbroken because of one girl, he stated in one interview that he has a relationship with one woman that garners more interest than any other. 

Unsurprisingly, he is referring to Pedrad. In an interview, he stated that they had worked together in ‘New Girl,’ and even played husband and wife in ‘Desperados,’ so he is quite aware of the fact that people would root for them to end up in real life, as their chemistry is beyond comparable. 

He added that he constantly gets those messages from fans who also shipped them together. However, Morris finally cleared the air, saying he and Pedrad were just friends.

Although she is one of his favorite people to work with, their relationship ends up just being workmates. It made many people say that maybe Morris is still not ready to be in a relationship because he has not completely healed from his traumatizing breakup with an ex-girlfriend.

That said, although the Nasim Pedrad Lamorne Morris relationship didn’t end up in a happy ending, fans are still hoping to see them on the big screen together again. 

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