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Rachel Zegler and Josh Andrés Rivera’s Off-Cam Relationship

Stars Rachel Zegler and Josh Andrés Rivera’s cute relationship on and off screen! 

Since 2021, Rachel and Josh have left their beloved fans in awe of their incredibly cute relationship. These two love birds’ relationship started after they began working together on the “West Side Story” set. Their chemistry was just so incredibly out of this world that fans started shipping them right away, and they even did so off-screen. 

Just like how many of their fans wanted it to be, the two eventually made their romance official, making them one of this generation’s most beloved power couples. So, if you want to know more about the star’s relationship, scroll down as we have everything covered!

Who Is Rachel Zegler?

Born in 2001, Rachel Zegler is an American actress and singer who has risen to popularity after her role in the hit musical adaptation of “West Side Story” in 2021. 

Born and raised in Hackensack, New Jersey, Rachel lived quite a normal and comfortable life. During her childhood, she was able to have the chance to attend St. Philip the Apostle Preparatory School, where she finished the initial part of her secondary education. A few years later, she transferred to an all-girls catholic school in preparation for college. 

Rachel started her career in the entertainment industry by joining several musical shows while still in high school. After building reputable connections, it didn’t take long before she eventually landed a project on the big screen. 

For those wondering how Rachel got the role in “West Side Story,” it was stated that the director of the movie, Steven Spielberg, went on to post a casting call on Twitter, which Rachel happens to have seen. 

Without any hesitation, she immediately responded to the post by sending her audition clips singing to songs like “Tonight” and “I Fell Pretty.” As she sings the songs with her heart out, she immediately caught the casting agents’ reaction, eventually leading to her getting the role.

Ultimately, the casting people didn’t fail in finding the right one for the role. Rachel went on to get nominated to different award shows, winning three of them in total. 

As of 2023, Rachel has continually been growing her name in the industry, now landing roles in films like Snow White and Shazam: Fury of the Gods. 

Who Is Josh Andrés Rivera?

Josh Andres Rivera, born in 1995, is also a rising American actor best known for her role as Chino in the 2021 remake of “West Side Story.” 

Little is known of Josh’s early life except that he was born in Puerto Rico. Like Rachel, he also got the spotlight after appearing on “West Side Story.” Given that he is relatively new to the industry, people have expressed their eagerness to learn more about him in the future. 

When Did They First Meet?

In 2019, a reporting channel announced the final list of the cast members for the upcoming musical adaptation of “West Side Story,” which excited fans of the show about what’s to come. 

Among the list of cast members for that show were Rachel and Josh. Rachel even took the time to go on her Instagram to make a post expressing how thankful and honored she is to be part of such an amazing film. 

A few months after the cast’s announcement, the movie started filming in New York City in the summer of 2019. Many die-hard fans have speculated that this might have been the first time that Rachel and Josh probably. It’s a theory that makes sense if you consider that they haven’t worked with each other on other films before this one. 

Fans Started Speculating About Their Off-Screen Relationship

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Fans of the “West Side Story” started speculating that there might be something going on with the two when Rachel went on to tweet some affectionate comments towards Josh in 2021. 

In the said tweet, she stated that she loves Josh Andres Rivera, keeping everything simple and straight to the point. Even though they hadn’t made things officially public then, their fans already knew something might be happening with the two behind the scenes. 

Rachel Keeps On Giving Signals To Fans

During a press conference for the movie, Rachel went onto her Instagram, sharing a series of photos of them together, getting all cuddly and comfortable in each other’s arms. The post also includes a picture of the two posing in front of the mirror, then looking all bubbly and chill. 

This collection of photos made fans even more interested in whether what Rachel and Josh are showing is real or if it’s all for fan service, considering their characters in the movie are partners. 

Went onto The Red Carpet Together

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While wearing a stunning gown and tux, Rachel and Josh rocked the red carpet with their co-stars during the “West Side Story” Los Angeles premiere in 2021. 

In the pictures posted online, many of their fans noticed how cute Josh looked at Rachel as they posed for the camera as a group. 

Spend 2021, Christmas Eve, Together

Rachel and Josh made their fans giggle in excitement after they posted an update of them spending Christmas together while wearing matching Christmas sweaters. 

In the post she shared on Instagram, she went on to jokingly express that she loves to spend Christmas Eve with Josh, who is a man that could be the love child of Iron Man and John Wick.

They Both Attended the Oscars 2022 Together

The two again excited fans when they were spotted attending the Oscars 2022 together, where West Side Story was up for Best Picture nomination. On top of that, this was also the same time Rachel and Josh made their official debut as a couple. 

Moreover, the day after the Oscars, Rachel shared with her followers some of the pictures they snapped during the event. In the post, Rachel stated that she couldn’t have done any of it without her better half, Josh, by her side. 

She added that her life had been much more fun when she and Josh met, and she also looks forward to more memories with him. 

They Went On to Attend the Grammys As Well

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Aside from the Oscars, the couple has also attended the 2022 Grammys, where Rachel performed the In Memoriam segment with other Broadway stars like Cynthia Erivo, Ben Platt, and Leslie Odom Jr.

Along with Rachel is Josh, who has tirelessly supported her since the beginning, 

Josh Keeps Rachel Grounded

In an interview with a known magazine, Rachel stated that Josh has kept her grounded amid her rise to stardom. Since they starred in the same show, Josh has had the chance to stay by her side from the beginning. As a result, he has been a big part of her journey along the way. 

In the statement, Rachel expresses that Josh has always deeply understood what she goes through. Since Josh’s experience is on a different scale, he manages to ground Rachel back to earth and tell her when it’s time to keep her feet on the ground. 

Rachel added that Josh always tells her when to stop checking on her phone, reminding her of what matters and to not focus on the opinions of 3,000 faceless strangers on the internet.

Josh’s Birthday Celebration

On May 1, 2022, Rachel went on to wish her partner the happiest birthday while posting a series of cute moments of them together on her Instagram account. 

She expressed that Josh is everything she loves about this world, wrapped into one incredible man. In this life, she likes just doing all the fun and tiring ones with him, and she is looking forward to more memories with her lover boy in the coming years. 

They Were Both Cast For Hunger Games Prequel

After their amazing performance on “West Side Story,” fans can’t help but look forward to another project where the two are seen together again. 

In 2022, everyone jumped in excitement when it was finally announced that Rachel and Josh would be teaming up again for the upcoming Hunger Games prequel titled The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes.

Josh Attended Rachel’s Movie Premiere for Shazam! Fury of the Gods

The pair appeared at Shazam!’s premiere, making their fans happy. As they strolled down the red carpet, the couple was spotted giving each other that adoring look fans love seeing. 

The Power Couple Attended TIME100 Next Event

It seems like the couple hasn’t failed to attend every event together. In 2023, the two were again spotted attending the TIME100 Next event in N.Y.C., where they were seen posing for photographers looking glamorous and put together. 

They Celebrated Their Second Anniversary

On Instagram, Rachel went on to greet her boyfriend the happiest second anniversary alongside a series of cute photos of their time together.

In the said post, she expressed how much she loves Josh more and more each day and that he is the most grounded part of her. She keeps her motivated and present, and that’s why she will be forever grateful that she met such a guy. 

They Dress Up as Scooby-Doo Characters for 2023 Halloween

To celebrate Halloween in 2023, the cute couple decided to dress themselves up in Scooby-Doo costumes as they attended Heidi Klum’s annual Halloween party. Rachel dressed up as Daphne, while Josh, on the other hand, was spotted acting as Fred. The two having fun during the night made fans’ hearts flutter. 

For those who want to keep track of Rachel Zegler and Josh Andres Rivera’s relationship, you can follow them on Instagram @rachelzegler and @joshandresrivera.

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