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The Relationship Story of Melissa Benoist And Chris Wood

The CW series Supergirl co-stars Melissa Benoist and Chris Woods may not have had a happy ending on the show as Kara Danvers and Mon-El, but their relationship off-screen definitely had it way better. 

The two reportedly started dating in 2017, got married in 2019, then welcomed their “non-canine child” in 2020! They have since been enjoying their married life and being mom and dad to their son, Huxley. 

Then, early in 2023, Benoist was announced as the voice of heroine Teela, previously played by Sarah Michelle Gellar, in Masters of the Universe: Revolution. She will be joining her husband, who plays the role of He-Man. It marks their second time portraying an on-screen couple, and this time around, it’s a healthier relationship. 

Let’s look back at how everything started between the two and how they grew from co-stars to partners in life.

The Supergirl Era

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The couple first met on the set of Supergirl in July 2016Benoist played the titular role of Kara Danvers, also known as Kara Zol-El, the cousin of Superman. In Season 2, Wood joined the cast as Mon-El, the former prince of Daxam. Their relationship started off rocky, as they were from rival planets, but it eventually grew into something more intimate. 

Their chemistry was undeniable, and fans started shipping their characters hard, giving birth to Karamel.

Their love story was filled with secrets, lies, and a whole string of complications, and they ultimately didn’t work out. Wood left the series after the third season in 2018, though he returned for its 100th episode aired in February 2020. 

Fortunately for all the Karamel shippers out there, the spark they had on-screen made it into real life. 

The Start of a Sweet Romance

When Benoist and Wood first met, she was still married to her Glee co-star Blake Jenner (whom she married in 2015). By the end of 2016, things were over between them, with Benoist filing for divorce. Their paperwork was finalized in 2017. 

Years later, she revealed that she was a victim of domestic violence and intimate partner violence through an emotional Instagram video. While she didn’t name the man, everyone knew it had to be Jenner. 

Recounting her experience, she said they started as friends, but he went from “zero to catapult 60” as soon as they started dating. She then details specific instances, including the eye injury she joked about on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. As it turned out, she didn’t fall down the stairs and hit her eye on a plant. It was given to her by Jenner. 

Jenner confirmed the rumors when he addressed the video a year later. 

However, her romance with Wood was a complete 180. She seemed to be really happy with him and looked so well taken care of. Fans first noticed they were dating in March 2017 when they were spotted kissing on their Mexico trip. Two months later, they made their relationship “Instagram-official” with a photo of them in Arizona’s Antelope Canyon. 

Even though they made themselves publicly official, they had since kept their romance very lowkey. They posted each other occasionally, uploaded photos of their dates and adventures, and shared a few selfies in between. Then, in June 2018, they proved they were going strong as they made their red-carpet debut at the 2018 Tony Awards. 

“It will always be yes.”

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On February 11, 2019, they hopped on Instagram and surprised everyone with news of their engagement. Benoist posted a photo of her wearing her gorgeous engagement ring while Wood softly kissed her on the cheek. She penned a short but sweet message along with the photo, reading, “yes yes yes it will always be yes♥️.”

Wood also posted the same photo with a two-word caption, “The happiest.” He posted another photo of them wearing matching all-black outfits that day, teasing fans that their wedding would happen soon. 

The ring was designed by Jen Meyer, who congratulated the couple and thanked them for allowing her to be part of the process. According to Meyer, Wood was very involved in designing, ensuring it fit Benoist’s taste. 

“I do.”

Then, in the same year, just six months after Wood bent on one knee and asked for her hand in marriage and Benoist said yes, they vowed to be with each other till death do they part. 

No one knew, though, except for the few selected ones who were invited, that they already had their wedding. According to E! News, a source shared it was a small outdoor wedding that looked like an elegant outdoor dinner party.

“There was a lot of laughter and happiness.”

In November, the couple shared two of probably their favorite photos of them as a married couple from the wedding. Benoist wore a simple backless dress, and Wood matched her in a classic tux. 

In her post, Benoist shared that she still didn’t understand how in the world they got so lucky to have each other. All she knew was that he always proved to her every day that she was one of the damn luckiest out there. Wood opted for a very simple one, “🎂♥️🎂.”

Being Mom and Dad

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On March 5, 2020, the couple announced that their family of four (them and their two dogs) will be turning five! The actress posted a photo of her and her husband wearing blue while she held up a blue onesie with the caption reading, “A non-canine child is coming to our family very soon!!! 😱😆😭 @christophrwood has always been an old dad by nature but now he’s going to be a real one!”

Wood went for the funnier route and posted their black-and-white photoshopped pregnancy photo where he was the one with the bump, and Benoist was the one hugging him. He said the photo was a joke, but the news was real. 

Then, on September 6, 2020, they posted a photo of a baby’s hand, announcing that their son, Huxley Robert Wood, had arrived a few weeks ago. Wood also posted the same photo and noted that their son was no one’s business (and he wouldn’t be featured on their social media). He concluded his message with, “See you in 18 years.” 

A month after their announcement, Benoist shared with Congresswoman Karen Bass on Instagram Live how she loved her son and being a mom and parent to him. She said that he was such a sweetheart. 

After having their son, the two went back to their regular programming regarding their social media updates (as they wanted to keep Huxley’s life private). They often shared photos of them and their adventures and loved to write messages about how much they appreciated each other. 

Status Check

Melissa Benoist and Chris Wood’s relationship is definitely still going strong. In November 2021, they reunited on Supergirl as Wood reprised his role as Mon-El in the series finale. They didn’t have a romantic ending but shared an adorable photo of Benoist hugging Wood behind the scenes with fans. A year later, Wood made his Broadway debut in Almost Famous: The Musicaland his wife was there to support him. 

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