The Relationship Timeline of Thomas Jacobs and Becca Kufrin

The Relationship Timeline of Thomas Jacobs and Becca Kufrin
Becca Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs Relationship Timeline

Nothing is more intriguing than following the relationship timeline of your favorite stars like Thomas Jacobs and Becca Kufrin. The two had a bumpy ride at the beginning of their relationship when Kufrin announced they had already split up on the season finale of the known show Bachelor in Paradise. 

However, as many say, love is sweeter the second time around. That’s why when the couple announced that they had reconciled and decided to continue where they had ended, their fans just went crazy and now are curious about the couple’s exact relationship timeline. 

How Did Becca Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs Met?

The two were said to have first connected during season seven of the well-known dating program Bachelor in Paradise in the summer of 2021. The viewers quickly assumed that the two would end up being together when they initially showed some interest in one another. 

However, after a string of unfortunate incidents tripped them up and complicated their romance, Kufrin and Jacobs decided to call it quits by the season finale. According to the reports, their controversial political views were to blame for everything.

Later, in an interview, Kufrin said that everything that transpired up to their breakup had a reason for occurring. She continued by saying that even though everything was already perfect, she thought it was too soon for them to declare their love for one another. She simply needed to experience life more.

She said she was distraught by the split and recalled “sobbing” in her hotel room the next day. Because of this, fans were overjoyed to hear that they had finally reconciled after only a few months and were looking forward to seeing another happy relationship.

As they make their relationship official and more intimate, the two are now a full-fledged couple sharing all of their cutest moments on social media.

How Did Becca Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs Get Back Together?

After the end of Bachelor in Paradise season 7, everyone thought there was no more chance for Kufrin and Jacobs to get back together. However, after they announced their feelings for each other hadn’t been gone yet, their fans were so happy and looked forward to their relationship. 

In an Instagram post, Kufrin shared some of the cutest pictures of her and Jacobs together with a caption that says, “You know what they say… Third time’s a charm.”

Kufrin also stated her sorry for breaking up with Jacobs on national television. That’s why she promises to make it up to him no matter what. 

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She also stated how thankful she is that despite what happened to them, Jacobs doesn’t get tired of making her heart smile far more than it ever has. That said, she is about to start her real life with her true love. 

On the other side, Jacobs also posted a picture of them closely hugging one other. He continued by expressing how secure he felt with Kufrin. When they are together, it always feels like nothing bad could ever happen. He knows Kufrin won’t harm or drive him away and is quite grateful to have her at his side.   

After the news of them getting back together, a series of posts from the cute couple are seen on social media. However, the one that caught their fans’ attention was when Kufrin decided to take Jacobs with her and spend Thanksgiving with her family in Minnesota.

They Started Spending Time with Each Other More

The couple has also decided to spend time with each other as much as possible, even with their busy schedule. They start by celebrating their six months back together, with Jacobs posting a tribute for his girlfriend.

The couple uploaded cute photos with a caption showing how much Jacobs loves Kufrin. He also wrote a brief but sweet message saying, “I’m so proud to share this life with you. One hundred eighty-two sunrises have brought so much joy, growth, and love into my life, and I’m grateful for each one. I can’t wait for 18,200 more.”

Other than that, the couple was also seen spending quality time with each other traveling from place to place. They went on for a fresh breath of air when they decided to visit the beautiful country of Mexico. 

In a series of posts of their trip, Jacobs shared on Instagram a few photos of them showing their fans how happy and healthy they are together. Kufrin also shared vacation photos with a caption that says, “Redefining Paradise.”

Aside from that, like any other couple, they have also decided to spend valentines together, saying “I love you!” to each other on their Instagram posts. 

Becca Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs Are Now Engaged!

The two got engaged in the spring of 2022, marking Kufrin’s third engagement — the former Bachelorette also met her ex-fiancés on the show. After joining Bachelor Nation in 2018, she was briefly engaged to Arie Luyendyk Jr. 

However, it seems things didn’t work out between the two, so Arie decided to call off their engagement. That affected Kufrin in many ways, which is why she ended up finding herself back on the reality TV show in hopes of finding love again. 

During her second time in the show, she met another man whom she loved dearly. At that time, Kufrin got engaged to Garrett Yrigoyen; however, just like her previous partner, Kufrin and Yrigoyen also had a messy split up that shocked many.

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That’s why when Kufrin and Jacobs announced their engagement, everyone was excited to know what fate had in store for the couple, especially for Kufrin. 

Kufrin also said that her exes are nothing near as loving and caring as Jacobs. During their guesting in the popular podcast show ‘Talking It Out,’ Kufrin explained how Jacobs is different from her exes, Yrigoyen and Luyendyk.

She stated that everyone saw her relationship with her first boyfriend, Arie unfold, and how it ended is the most messed up way, considering he decided to end things on national TV. Then, there is her second boyfriend, Garrett. Although they still had quite a messy breakup, at least it was a lot more private than the previous one.

Kufrin does struggle to believe in love since two men have already asked her to officially tie the knot, only to back out of the engagement in the end. However, when she met Jacobs, who treated her with love and care, Kufrin felt this would be her endgame.

Their Engagement Caught a Lot of Attention!

Kufrin and Jacobs’ engagement garnered extra attention because of the role reversal. Many were so shocked to discover that Kufrin was the one who proposed to Jacobs since many of us are used to the idea that boys should always be the ones to pop the question; a lot of their fans were speechless and shocked when the news broke out. 

However, Jacobs still wanted to make Kufrin feel special by arranging his wedding proposal in October 2022. On their second engagement, Kufrin shared in an interview that the thought, care, and excitement Jacobs had put behind his proposal meant the world to her. That’s why she’ll never forget such a memorable event. 

Are They Having Baby No. 1?

In the same year of their engagement in 2022, rumors about the couple finally welcoming their first child circulated in the media after the “Game of Roses” podcasts claimed that Jacobs and Kufrin had been trying to get pregnant. 

However, Kufrin was quick to shut down such rumors, stating that she herself was shocked by the news about her pregnancy. Even Jacobs jokingly replied to her post, saying, “I’m pregnant.”

When Will Becca Kurfin and Thomas Jacobs’ Wedding Happen?

Since their engagement in 2022, the couple has been continuously planning their wedding, which is rumored to happen in the fall of 2023. The couple recently shared some exciting news about their wedding on Becca’s IG stories. As it turns out, they’ve already found their dream wedding venue!

Kufrin is so excited to announce to their fans the exciting news they have. Jacobs then replied that they had already found the perfect venue and date for their long-awaited wedding. Sources have reported that since the couple has been staying in San Diego for quite some time now, it is the place where they want their wedding to take place. 

Following their exciting announcement, the couple’s fans express how happy they are for them as things have been turning how they wanted them to be. They are also excited to know what’s next for the couple. 

Becca Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs’ relationship has been a roller coaster ride. It had its fair share of dramatic and stressful moments. That said, in the end, they were able to work it out, and it looks like they have already found happiness in one another. 

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