’90 Day Fiancé’ Happily Ever After Season 7 Looks Like There’d Be No Happy Endings After Tell-All Bombshells Dropped

’90 Day Fiancé’ Happily Ever After Season 7 Looks Like There’d Be No Happy Endings After Tell-All Bombshells Dropped
90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After

TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After Season 7 may have turned from ‘happily ever after’ into ‘no longer together.’ 

In the Tell-All: No Limits episode, which had been divided into four parts airing from January 1 to 22 (every Sunday, 8 PM ET), couples reunited and hung out together. As we all know all too well, one of the key ingredients that create a great recipe for any tell-all episode is, of course, drama. In regards to that, this season definitely didn’t disappoint. 

In fact, two couples grabbed the title for the most dramatic – chaotic, even – relationships: Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi and Ed Brown and Liz Woods. Both have been going through a rough rollercoaster ride with too many bumps and dizzying twists and turns. 

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Angela and Michael: Lies, Lies, and More Lies

Saying “I Do” to each other was probably the peak of Angela and Michael’s relationship. After that, everything went downhill – FAST. 

At the start of the season, Michael was still facing visa issues, so the two remained in a long-distance relationship which was already a struggle. The cherry on top of that? He reactivated his social media accounts which had already been an issue between the two of them because of his cheating history. 

In the confessional before the reunion taping, Angela admitted that she wasn’t her best self as she had been drained from Michael. She didn’t know if, at the end of it, she would be staying with him or finally leaving. “Honest to God, Michael’s got me f—ked up,” she said. 

The Georgia native who was ready to ‘raise holy, holy Meemaw hell’ also said that she didn’t know if her husband was a scammer or an opportunist. However, she was sure that he was definitely: One, a cheater, and two, a liar. 

She claimed, “I got this feeling that there’s something more I need to hear from Michael that he ain’t told me because he’s been lying since day one.”

Then, in the tell-all episode, Angela lost it. She broke down and cried after she revealed that Michael told another woman he loved her. According to her, the woman reached out to a friend of hers to let them know that Michael’s cheating began right after the whole social media shenanigan. 

Michael argued that he did write the words down simply to flirt, but he never meant it. He even went as far as to say that he knew what they had gone through and wouldn’t jeopardize that for anything.

The whole thing heated up, with Angela even having a secret weapon – a man who knows the whole truth – lined up to join her in the taping to help her get the answers she needed. At one point, she even told Michael how he knew he treated her like shit, and he better own it. As everything brewed to a boiling point, Angela threatened to file for divorce. 

Big Ed and Liz: Breaking Up…Again?

Big Ed and Liz were ready to enter a new chapter in their relationship after they got engaged. However, the trust and control issues that had been simmering for so long ultimately damaged them. It even reached a point where Ed asked Liz to move out. 

Ed said things between them weren’t going well, so they went into counseling, but he didn’t see things changing and decided they needed some space. Well, just physically, since they were still engaged at the time. 

Ed did tell Liz that things would be different this time around. However, Liz claimed that the reason was that Ed was, first, a jealous man and, second, still active on an Asian dating website – which Ed both denied.

Then as they got into the tell-all, the fight escalated with Ed asking Liz for his engagement back. As it turned out, while they were picking a date for their wedding, Ed was texting his ex, Rose, that he wanted to go and visit her in the Philippines. 

Afterward, Ed attempted to get back with Liz, saying that he didn’t even remember texting Rose. Simultaneously, he accused her of trying to gain sympathy by ‘acting.’ He said that Liz was acting like he was trying to lie to her, but he wasn’t. 

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Ed added, “Here I am trying to defend myself, and I have six other couples pouncing down my throat, and you’re standing there, and you’re letting me drown.” That said, Rose appeared in the episode through a video chat and told Liz that it was true that she had recently been in contact with Ed. 

Big Ed and Liz ultimately broke up after season 7. 

Other Hot Issues

Andrei Castravet May Be Getting Deported

Andrei appeared solo as his pregnant wife Elizabeth couldn’t make it. Before the tell-all, the Moldova native revealed to fellow castmate Jovi Dufren that his application for a residency renewal was on the edge. 

If he got rejected, there was a possibility that he might get deported. He also opened up about his theory behind this, naming his wife’s family as the suspects in making up a story for the immigration caseworkers. 

Usman Usmar and Kim Menzie vs Angela Deem

Usman and Kim may have broken up before the Tell-All, but they remain in contact through chat messages. Usman revealed that he could feel that Kim still loved him very much, and she was ready to do anything for him. 

Ultimately, the relationship wasn’t healthy, and he wasn’t happy. Conversely, Kim said she was open to becoming friends with benefits.

Usman, though, remains in hot, boiling water as he had been accused of scamming Kim (though he had fervently denied it) thanks to his longtime enemy on the show: Angela Deem. Couples had been having opinions about him because of this, but Kim remained by his side. 

Then, before they even went on stage for the Tell-All filming, things got heated so much over the topic that Angela started screaming and swearing. Castmates asked her to calm down, resulting in Angela storming off. 

Usman then told Michael, “Angela is the worst thing to ever happened to Nigeria. I want you to help yourself! Get the hell away from this prison that you put yourself [in].” He even added that Angela would kill Michael at an early age.

Shaeeda Sween Is Hard To Please

Shaeeda and her husband, Bilal Hazziez, weren’t exactly on the same financial page. Opening up to fellow cast member Yara, Shaeeda said she didn’t know how much he was making. 

He has also allegedly refused to create a joint bank account as a married couple. That was why Shaeeda started thinking of launching her own business to help her become self-reliant. 

When the couple revisited the issue before the Tell-All stage, Bilal admitted to her that she could be very hard to please. To which he added and asked that Shaeeda not attack him while filming. 

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