All The Things You Need To Know About Steve Harvey’s Wife, Marjorie Elaine Harvey

All The Things You Need To Know About Steve Harvey’s Wife, Marjorie Elaine Harvey
Steve Harvey Wife Marjorie

Marjorie Elaine Harvey, also known as Steve Harvey’s wife, supported Steve in his challenging moments and made many people realize that love indeed prevails. Marjorie Harvey is a multiracial woman of African-American descent born on October 10, 1964; she is now 58.

Marjorie has many talents, and as hardworking as she is, her efforts ultimately pay off. She is a stylist, Instagram blogger, and business owner. Of course, Marjorie is more commonly known as the wife of comedian and entertainer Steve Harvey. She started with an inspiring story to fame and a career that will give her a net worth of $50 million.

All About Marjorie Harvey’s Career

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Surprisingly, her school life was not a factor in her success. Everyone has heard of the inspiring stories of multiple successful people who became who they are today, even if they didn’t finish school. Marjorie Harvey would be one of those people.

With a passion for fashion, Marjorie Harvey had always had a knack for anything that involved style. Her talent in fashion was why her grades in school were low. She focused more on her dreams, and she proved that school doesn’t determine how successful you will be. Marjorie prioritized finding success in the fashion industry, even dropping out of university to focus on it.

She would eventually make a name for herself as the Founder of her blog called “The Lady Loves Couture.” It is a blog about fashion and lifestyle. It is known for its helpful fashion tips, exclusive interviews with Majorie herself, food recipes, and many more. 

She would also advise on how to stay fashionable on a tight budget and many more. That blog alone would end up being one of the most popular fashion blogs and give Marjorie a vast following. She also has an Instagram account where she shares her iconic outfits, travels, and moments with the family.

Recently, Marjorie released a luxury consignment boutique known as “Marjorie’s Closet.” She would sell items from her closet at a discounted price, and all the profits the boutique made would go to the Steve and Marjorie foundation.

The Steve and Marjorie foundation is a program that aims to teach the younger generation to be responsible leaders.

How She Met Her Husband

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Although she has proven herself hardworking and passionate in her career, she spends it doing the things she loves. Another thing that she loves a lot is her relationship with her husband, Steve Harvey. Even though Steve is not her first, their marriage since 2007 is still strong until now. That serves as proof that Steve will be her last one.

Love eventually ends up finding people in the most unexpected way possible. The love shared between Steve, and Marjorie Harvey is the type of love everyone wishes to have. Looking at them both, you can see the authenticity of their love for each other.

Their love story starts on one fateful day at a comedy club as Steve is doing one of his shows in a club in Tennessee. It would be one of the classic stories about love at first sight because as soon as Steve laid eyes on Marjorie, he fell hard for her. He said on stage that she was the woman he would marry. Coincidence? I think not. Though, Marjorie didn’t realize she was the woman Steve was referring to at the time.

Although the two had to endure many complications, Steve left Marjorie shortly after they started dating. The reason? Unfortunately, Steve was fighting a tough battle with himself as he suffered financially and wanted to focus entirely on his career.

Despite Steve leaving Marjorie at first, their love story didn’t end there. Both Steve and Marjorie would undergo two failed marriages with other people before they tied the final knot with each other. She would reunite with her now husband after a decade from the day they broke off their relationship when Steve divorced his second ex-wife. 

Surprisingly enough, it was all thanks to Steve’s bodyguard who convinced him to get back together with Marjorie. It was because he noticed that Steve’s happiest time was when he was with her. Her past partners, Jim Townsend and Darnell Wood, who both had an affiliation with drugs, became a factor in the collapse of her first two marriages. 

Steve claims that his marriage with Marjorie would guide him through his life, and his relationship with her makes him realize she is the one for him. Marjorie even helps Steve develop a new sense of style in his clothes. She also gives him the love and care he needs while helping him balance his personal life and career. 

Steve’s bodyguard was right because Steve does look happy when he’s with Marjorie. He always gushes about his relationship with his wife and how she has improved his life. He is proud of the fact that Marjorie is Steve Harvey’s wife. 

Meanwhile, Marjorie is also happy about being married to Steve. It seems she’s happy that despite her series of failed marriages, she finally found a good one with an honest guy like Steve.

Marjorie would also be known to show her husband support, especially in the Miss Universe 2015 debacle. It was when Steve accidentally announced the wrong winner during the final three contestants, earning him a lot of backlash. 

Marjorie defended and helped Steve move on from the nightmare. Thanks to Steve Harvey’s wife, they would also be seen on the red carpet in their fresh and stylish outfits, walking hand in hand.

All About Marjorie’s Family Life

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Nowadays, the couple seems to be as happy as ever. Steve Harvey and Marjorie have a blended family comprising the seven children they had in their past marriages. At first, it was difficult for their children to get used to it because of how different the origins of each child were. 

Despite that, Marjorie and Steve try their best to be good parents, teaching them that there is no discrimination in their family. They showed them that everyone is loved and cared for equally. 

Now, her kids prefer to call her mom and refer to Steve as their dad. Steve Harvey’s wife absolutely loves that she has become a grandmother of 5 kids. 

Marjorie also has a close relationship with her mom and dad, ages 81 and 88 years old. She constantly posts about them and looks at them for inspiration, as her parents stayed married for 60 years. She even posts her moments with her parents on her Instagram as she celebrates their birthday and 60th anniversary with them.

 It was like they were tied together by fate to be a couple. Despite the hurdles they went through with their past relationships, true love won at the end of the day. You can say that their love led to an iconic power couple being born. They make many people realize how relationships are supposed to be built on support because it can turn us into better versions of ourselves.

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