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Get To Know Metal Singer Rob Zombie’s Wife, Sheri Moon Zombie

Metal musician-turned-horror-filmmaker Rob Zombie and his wife and actress Sheri Moon Zombie love all things spooky. The two even decided to get married on Halloween! And decades later, their undying love for each other remains strong! 

So how did this decades-long love affair start? 

From Skurkis to Zombie

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Sheri Moon Zombie was born Sheri Lyn Skurkis on September 26, 1970, in San Jose, California, to parents Carol A. Skurkis and the late William “Bill” Skurkis. She was raised in Connecticut along with her brother Jeffrey. 

Sheri attended Plainville Highschool, and right after graduation, at 17, she moved to Los Angeles, California. However, she returned to the East Coast to attend broadcasting school to fulfill her dream of doing voiceover and animations and becoming an MTV VJ. 

In her interview with Girls and Corpses, Sheri said that 17 was definitely a young age to move out of state and be independent. She wanted to have some fun and be responsibility-free, but she knew she had to get a job eventually. “So I was a little wild child when I was younger,” she said. 

Sheri first met Rob back in the early ’90s in Connecticut, where she grew up in. And the first night they met, she admitted to the New York Post that she was kinda mean to him. Rob whispered, “Yes.” But even with the not-so-good start, it didn’t take them long – only a month after meeting, to be exact – to move in together. 

Sheri started joining Rob on the road with his band White Zombie and then soon became an integral part of his career on the road when his band disbanded, and he went solo. She worked as a dancer, choreographer, and costume designer, but what really made her name pop loud was her acting projects with Rob. 

She first starred in White Zombie’s music video “Feed the Gods,” was featured in three more of the band’s videos, and then 11 solo Rob Zombie videos. But out of all those, her most famous appearance would be Rob Zombie’s “Living Dead Girl.” 

Then on the Halloween of 2002 and after nine years of dating, Rob Zombie and Sheri Moon finally tied the knot. Unlike what most people expect from a couple like them, they did have a typical courtship journey. For their dates, they often went to dinner and walked along the Santa Monica pier. 

The couple’s decision to get married on Halloween wasn’t actually a nod to their spooky and weird industry reputation. They already had a wedding planner and all the usual preparations, but they decided to just elope one day after taking a walk in the neighborhood. 

It was the best thing they ever did for themselves. Also, if anyone’s wondering, their surname really is Zombie. Rob legally changed it from Cummings in 1996, and Sheri took it.

The Zombies’ Age of Film

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After music videos, the couple ventured into films. Rob’s directorial debut and Sheri’s first big screen role was the “House of 1000 Corpses” in 2003. Since it was their first, they didn’t know what they were doing. But they had faith in each other and just went for it anyway. 

In 2005, they released a sequel titled “The Devil’s Rejects,” which wasn’t only commercially successful but also earned Sheri Spike TV’s Scream Awards for “Most Vile Villain” along with the rest of his co-stars who played the Firefly family. She was also awarded a Fuse/Fangoria Chainsaw Award for the best duo with Moseley. 

Other film projects they did together (which is also basically the rest of Rob’s directorial career) include: “Halloween” (2007), “Halloween” (2009), “The Lords of Salem” (2012), “31” (2016), and “3 from Hell” (2019). Their most recent one is the remake of the well-loved ’60s sitcom The Munsters for streaming giant Netflix in 2022. 

At the beginning of her acting career, Sheri shared that she felt a lot of pressure to live up to certain expectations. At some point though, she stopped caring and reading reviews. Talking with the Daily Dead, the actress said, “I know I’m doing the best job I can, and Rob’s happy with it, and that’s all that matters.”

Life Outside Film

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Outside her work as an actress, Sheri is a passionate and active animal advocate. She and Rob are vegans and have done a lot of work against animal abuse. In fact, in 2019, the couple was awarded the Woodstock Warrior Award at the Woodstock Sanctuary’s 14th Annual ThanksLiving Gala. They also worked with PETA and rescued two goats named Ginger and Claire through the organization. 

Additionally, according to her Instagram, Sheri also loves pottery. She even shared her studio, process, and works with fans. And in the past, she also launched a fashion line called Total Skull which means ‘rad’ or ‘the best of the best.’ She ran the business for seven years before ultimately closing it in 2018. 

Rob Zombie and his wife, Sheri Moon Zombie, like spending time on their Connecticut farm. There they enjoy the presence and love of their many adopted pets. And it’s also where Sheri can indulge in gardening and yard projects. 

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